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Behind the Story: Fairland Hexagon Design


Fairland Hexagon Design Story - Fairland heating solution

The year 2019 is the 4th year that Inverter-plus pool heat pump officially launched in the market. When people see the Hexagon design, they will know it is from Fairland. So today, let’s talk about the story of this unique Hexagon design.
Why Fairland use the Hexagon design?
Firstly, we hope to innovate the traditional fan mesh design, to hide the fan and the fan mesh, to make the whole design look more simple and classic.
Secondly, based on above design concept, our chief engineer Mr. Yang calculated all the geometric figure’s combination surface for the ventilation, and found out that the Hexagon is the best choice. Because the optimized combination of Hexagon can get the maximum ventilation, it equals to the traditional fan mesh design. In other words, this design can also perfectly match the working principle of the Full-inverter technology.
In January of 2018, this Hexagon design is gladly patented. And now, it has a family like Inverter-plus Horizontal & Vertical, Inverter-plus Commercial, Inverter-plus Dehumidifier and Inver-X Horizontal & Vertical…
So, this is the story of this unique Hexagon design. Best performance but also unique design is what Fairland people always consider for the end users. We will continually innovate and contribute to pool industry, and bring more surprises to you.

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Eva Tang
Sales manager in Fairland
A girl who is passionate about her work and life.