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Fairland Technical Training in Australia Won High Praise from Business Partners


Another round of Fairland Technical Training. It was a pleasant trip to Australia. Thank you for the affirmation of the excellent performance and high quality of Fairland’s products, especially the extremely low failure rate, almost 0%! Our big partner couldn't help but gave the thumbs up! We also happily talked about the long-term cooperation possibilities of the coming 3 to 5 years. All these good news just thrilled us with delight!
Fairland Technical Training in Australia
In addition to class time, we went to the pool for installation guidance. By showing the clients step by step, it will be more intuitive. And they will understand how easy to set up the Inverter-plus by themselves. Therefore, our clients can present to pool users more professionally, easily solved many problems of after-sales maintenance.
Fairland Technical Training in Australia

Customize Professional Technical Training to Business Partners

We simply want every end user to get the most from Fairland products, long after the initial sale and installation. We are dedicated to ensuring that every issue is resolved to user satisfaction. Over the years, we listen carefully and we learn by heart. This is one of the best ways to learn our customers' biggest problems. In this way, we know which part should be improved. Meantime, we will strive to seek a better solution to make customers happier.

To enable our business partners to maximize the return on their investment, we would love to customize technical training for them. It is one of the after-sales services we provide for our business partners. If you would like to know more about Fairland’s technical training and technical support, please contact us via email