The core value of TurboSilence technology is TurboSilence control system.

The core value of Full-inverter Technology is Full-inverter Control System - Fairland swimming heat pump and pool heating solutions



Innovative breakthrough upon Full-inverter tech.

The whole TurboSilence control system is optimized on the basis of Full-inverter tech.

It perfectly balances the inverter-compressor-control & heat exchanging operation, which in the meantime creates turbo performance and silent operation at same time.

50% running cost energy saving for using fairland full inverter pool heat pump

No compressor noise

It's the first time in pool and HVAC industry that compressor noise was fully solved.

Listen to the silence

Thanks to the TurboSilence technology, it's running extremely silently, even 5 times quieter than Inverter-Plus.

Turbo function

Extra 20% capacity for quicker heating up.

Why TurboSilence tech and Think Bigger?
Nowadays Market Analysis

• Price war in the market lead to pricing lower and lower, which is sacrificing product quality and user experience.

• Suggested heat pump sizing is smaller & smaller, which is used for 2~3 months, bad experience.

Only Revolutionary Technology & Educated Market can add value to the market & Users.

TurboSilence Tech + Think Bigger running principle

Let's go to an example:

For 50 m³ swimming pool, it goes with 13kW ON/OFF heat pump. Everytime, it's running at 100% capacity.

When the same pool is equipped with Fairland INVERX heat pump, i.e. 22kW, bigger capacity model. It's intelligently running at 30% capacity to maintain your pool temperature.

When INVERX heat pump running at 30% capacity, noise level is 15 times quieter than normal ON/OFF heat pump. Moreover, the COP is 3 times higher, which means huge energy saving in daily usage.

Besides of dreaming silence, you'll also be happy with your electricity bill.

Think bigger means invest in future, and it will pay you back with more.