Fairland full-inverter pool heat pump swimming pool inverter heat pump



Built-in Full-inverter control system

  • 15.8x
    Energy Saving
  • 10
    Times Quieter
fairland inverter pool heat pumps
Meet The Rule-breaker
Powered by Full-inverter new heat pump technology for pool.

Full-inverter Control System

Twin-Rotary DC-inverter Compressor

DC-inverter Fan Motor

What is
Full-inverter technology
fairland full-inverter technology


Control System
Stepless Running, Precisely Controlling
Only Full-inverter Control System can drive the DC-inverter Compressor Hz by Hz and DC-inverter Fan Motor round by round, which leads to the stepless running of the whole system, and brings the most comfortable, healthy & silent environment.
dc-inverter fan motor of fairland inverter heat pumps


DC-inverter Compressor
Twin-rotary DC-inverter compressor is adopted instead of single rotary compressor, the two rotors operate together to balance the movement of each other for anti-shaking, which is higher efficiency, lower vibration & quieter operation.
dc-inverter fan motor of fairland inverter heat pumps


Fan Motor

DC brushless fan motor works in the most precise & efficient way under the control of Full-inverter system and leads to a much lower noise and less failure rate compared with the normal mechanical brushes fan motor.
How to
Empower the pool heat pump
Average Performance Talks
Full-inverter technology enables the full inverter heat pump to bring you half running cost and 10 times quieter swimming environment based on AVERAGE performance.

When season starts, the Full-inverter pool heat pump runs at 100% capacity to heat up the pool in the first few days;

After that, the Full-inverter HP runs at AVERAGE 50% capacity to maintain the desired pool temperature.

  • Up to 15.8x

    Energy Saving
    sufficient to heat up the pool by 1.5~2.2°C in 15 hours
    pool temperature drops 0.5~1 .5°C daily
  • 46

    10 x quieter than on/off heat pumps
End-user Benefit
Enjoy Premium Value Everyday
inverter dehumidifier for indoor swimming pool
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