INVERX Vertical Inverter Pool Heat Pump
electric heat pump for inground pool inverter heat pump efficiency

INVERX Vertical

Inverter Pool Heat Pump
Revolutionary Energy-Efficiency
  • 16x
    Energy Saving
  • -15℃~43
    Operation Temperature
  • 15x
best heat pump for inground pool

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TurboSilence® Full-Inverter Technology

The TurboSilence Full-inverter is optimized based on Fairland's original Full-inverter technology. It perfectly balances inverter-compressor control and heat exchanging technology, bringing Turbo performance and Silence operation.


120% Heating Capacity

Quickly heating to reach the desired pool temperature.


Intelligent adjustment when maintaining temperature

30% heating capacity on average to maintain the desired temperature with less noise and 20 times energy saving

120% Faster Heating
The whole control system and corresponding components are upgraded, it can instantly increase heating capacity by 20% while running silently.
16x Energy Saving
COP >16, 1kW power input = 16kW heat in return
SCOP > 7, A rank standard
Reducing 2/3 running cost down
15x Quieter

(Average 30% running capacity)

Down to 38 dB(A) @1m

best electric heat pump for inground pool heat pump for inground pool
Intelligent As You Like 3 Optional Modes
  • Turbo Mode

    120% capacity to heat up

    20% reduction of initial heating time

  • Smart Mode

    running smartly at 20~100% capacity

    according to the real-time temperature gap

  • Silence Mode

    automatically adjusting at 20%-60% capacity

  • heat pump for inground swimming pool
    Real-time power consumption display
    Every kW Consumed Visible
  • in ground pool heat pump
    Control Anywhere, Anytime
    Fairland Smart Pool APP with Built-in Wi-Fi module, manage heating schedule or monitor power consumption anytime and anywhere.
  • inground pool heat pump
    Minimum Backyard Noise
    Mitsubishi twin-rotatory compressor with special soundproofs
  • inground pool heat pump electric
    Patented Design
    Unique hexagon-sized air ventilation
  • inverter heat pump efficiency
    Soft Start
    Steadily go-up currents that do no harm to electric system
Prolong Your Utilization
With reliable warranty
best heat pump for inground pool
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