X20-Dehumidifier Inverter
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World's 1st Full-Inverter® Dehumidifier
  • 2 x
    Energy Saving

  • 10 x
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The 1st Full-Inverter Dehumidifier

By Full-Inverter®

Thanks to the precise calculation of Fairland's full-inverter technology, the X20-Dehumidifier is able to run smartly always according to the humidity of your indoor pool space in a way that is super energy-saving and silent with self-adjustable dehumidification capacity.
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2 Times Energy Saving
Average DER4.3 (Air 30°C/RH 80%)
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10 Times Quieter
Sound pressure lower to 38.3dB(A) at 1 meter
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Patented Design
Compact design for space-saving, 2 installation options
(Floor-standing or wall-mounted installation))
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Various Applications
Except for indoor pool space, X20-Dehumidifier can also apply to the cellar, gym, museum, or gallery. Various applications for various needs.
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Intelligent As You Like 2 Optional Modes
  • Smart Mode

    20~100% Running Capacity

    Quickly heating to reach the desired pool temperature.

  • Silence Mode

    20~80% Running Capacity

    ensuring quiet operation &friendly neighborhood

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    R32 Eco-friendly Refrigerant
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    2 Options for Easy Installation
    Floor-standing & Wall-mounted
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    Strong Anti-rusting Casing
    Metal & Aluminum Alloy
  • pool room dehumidification
    Remote Control by Fairland Smart Pool APP
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    Optional Electric heating
Prolong Your Utilization
With reliable warranty
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