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Inverter Pool Heat Pump
Unique Hexagon Design Inspired By Nature
  • 16x
    Energy Saving
  • -15℃~43
    Operation Temperature
  • 15
    Times Quieter

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TurboSilence®Full-Inverter Technology

The TurboSilence Full-inverter is optimized based on Fairland's original Full-inverter technology. It perfectly balances inverter-compressor control and heat exchanging technology, bringing Turbo performance and Silence operation.


120% Heating Capacity

Quickly heating to reach the desired pool temperature.


Intelligent adjustment when maintaining temperature

30% heating capacity on average to maintain the desired temperature with less noise and 20 times energy saving

Mega Power 120% Faster Heating
The whole control system and corresponding components are upgraded, it can instantly increase heating capacity by 20% while running silently.
16x Energy Saving
COP >16, 1kW power input = 16kW heat in return
Intelligent adjustment of heating capacity, average COP 11.6 at 50% capacity, COP up to 16.5 (Air 26°C/Water 26°C/Humidity 80%)
15 Times Quieter
Sound Pressure Lower to 38 dB(A)
The compressor and the fan work at very low speed when maintaining the temperature, reducing the noise level around 38 dB(A) at 1m.
Intelligent As You Like
3 Optional Modes
  • Turbo Mode

    120% Capacity To Heat Up

    20% reduction of initial heating time

  • Smart Mode

    Running Smartly At 20~100% Capacity

    according to the real-time temperature gap

  • Silence Mode

    Automatically Adjusting At 20%-60% Capacity

  • Real-time power consumption display
    Every kW Consumed Visible
  • Home Spa Experience
    Water outlet up to 40℃,enjoy spa experience at home.
  • Fairland Smart Pool APP
    Built-in Wi-Fi module, manage heating schedule or monitor power consumption anytime and anywhere.
  • Patented Design
    Biomimetic Hexagon Design
    Maximum Heat Exchange Space
    Higher Heat Exchange Efficiency
  • Soft Start Protection
    Steadily go-up currents that do no harm to electric system
Prolong Your Utilization
With reliable warranty
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