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How to Choose A Pool Heat Pump Fit for Your Swimming Pool?

Pool heat pump from swimming pool heat pump manufacturers is the most efficient heating solution. A suitable pool heat pump can save 65% to 70% of heating capacity compared to other heating equipment. In addition, the inverter pool heat pump is a very environmentally friendly product, so it is favored by more and more consumers. However, how do you choose the most suitable heat pump for your swimming pool?

Here are some important factors you should consider:

1. Coefficient of Performance (COP)

Coefficient of Performance, also known as COP, is a ratio of heating capacity to power consumption. Usually, the pool heat pump is affected by the following three conditions: air temperature, water temperature and humidity.

For example, a pool heat pump of COP 8.0 (Air 15℃/ Water 26℃/ Humidity 70%), 8kW of energy is converted into heating capacity by consuming 1kW of heat to warm the pool.

2. The Size of A Pool

The size of a pool is usually measured in cubic meters (m3). For a classic shaped pool (rectangle or square), 1,000 liters = 1 cubic. For other curved swimming pools, 1,000 litres = 0.78 m3 (round swimming pool) = 0.89 m3 (oval swimming pool) = 0.85 m3 (bean shaped swimming pool).

For example, a round pool (length x width x height = 5m x 5m x 2.5m), we should calculate the size of the pool in this way : length x width x height x 0.78 (note : 0.78 is the radian value for round pool). Therefore, 5m x 5m x 2.5m x 0.78 = 48.75m3, which is 48,750 liters.

How to Choose A Pool Heat Pump Fit for Your Swimming Pool - Fairland pool heating solution

3. Heating Capacity of swimming pool heat pump

The heating capacity of a pool heat pump is one of the most important factors to focus on. In general, 1kW can heat 6.5 cubic meters to 7 cubic meters of pool water (under standard conditions).

Assume that it is set to heat 8-10 degrees Centigrade for a swimming pool with pool cover, at a temperature of 26 degrees, one cubic meter of water needs 0.4kW of heat; at a temperature of 15 degrees, one cubic meter of water needs 0.3kW of heat to be heated.

4. The Use of Pool Cover

If you are considering installing a swimming pool inverter heat pump for your own swimming pool, it is recommended by swimming pool heat pump manufacturer that you should consider using the pool cover. It is very practical which can avoid the heat loss of the pool water (especially at night). Use the pool cover can save 50% energy.

If there is no swimming pool cover, you need to choose a pool heat pump of higher heating capacity (about 35% higher). For a swimming pool of 30m3 with a pool cover, you can choose a swimming pool heat pump of 9.0kW to 12.0kW. But if you have a swimming pool of the same size but with no pool cover, you should choose a pool heat pump of 12.15kW to 16.2kW. More info, welcome to reach wholesale swimming pool heat pump manufacturer, Fairland.

By Laurence ZHENG

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