Fairland, Creator Of iGarden

Since founded in 1999, Fairland is dedicated to consistently innovating technologies and products in smart iGarden solutions, outdoor smart robots, inverter swimming pool solutions, and other advanced fields - to build outdoor life with futuristic technology.

Fairland aims to provide superior geek experiences for users in more than 120 countries, reshaping the garden that is energy-saving, environmentally friendly, and pleasant, and bringing about a new future of extremely personalized outdoor life.

Fairland | Inverter Pool Heat Pump Manufacturer
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In short: INVERX represents the best of swimming pool technology.

-Pollet Pool Group

TurboSilence technology is the only one capable of effectively combining heating power and silence.


And I must say, it was worth the wait. The pool heat pump makes a qualitatively good impression and runs very quietly.

-Switzerland Pool Owner

In general, I really like the pool heat pump. Regarding work, I can say that it heats well, we were able toheat water from 25 to 30 degrees in 1 day and have a wonderful time!


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