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Fairland Earns Best Brand at Golden Wave 2024 in Europe


We are thrilled to announce that Fairland has been awarded the Best Brand at the Golden Wave 2024, organized by SCHWIMMBAD+SAUNA, Germany's leading pool and wellness magazine. We are humbled by this remarkable achievement, which would not have been possible without the unwavering support of our worldwide partners. It was a glorious moment for all, making Fairland even more enthused to live up to the All Green, All Partner philosophy.

SCHWIMMBAD+SAUNA magazine has been the market leader in the German swimming pools and wellness sector for almost 50 years. Every two years, the magazine awards the Golden Wave, the innovation award of the swimming pool and sauna industry, for outstanding products, technologies and processes as well as their manufacturers and developers. An eight-member jury of swimming pool builders and industry experts thoroughly examines each submission, and the awards cover several categories, including Smart Technology, Green Technology, Usability, Design, Best Brand, Reader's Choice Award, Personality Award, etc.

The winners of the Golden Wave 2024 are those manufacturers and developers that the jury has recognized as having achieved top innovative achievements and enriched the industry with their ideas. Having the honor of being a part of it, Fairland received the Best Brand award, representing the best brand identity in the industry. The award acknowledged the power of the product and the brand force that Fairland has demonstrated in the pool industry, for which the jury was highly complementaryas follows:

From product design to imagery and videos, to the website, there is a cohesive visual identity. From pool robots to heat pumps – all products are designed at a very high level. The product videos are consistent, and a clear communication pattern is evident. Here, high design standards meet good technology. Colors, shapes, and innovations are approached with a fresh perspective.

Fairland earned Best Brand at Golden Wave 2024, which has acknowledged its product power and brand strength in the swimming pool industry and received strong endorsement from the jury. (Photo credit: SCHWIMMBAD+SAUNA/Tom Philippi)

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the jury for their high recognition of Fairland! It encourages Fairland to go on shattering boundaries and seeking the ultimate. Yet, this achievement is not solely for the brilliant team at Fairland but a tribute to marvelous partners worldwide. From product design to branding, their unwavering support has made Fairland wildly successful in the marketplace. The Golden Wave 2024 for Best Brand marks a shared glory for all.

Congratulations to all the winners of the Golden Wave 2024! Fairland looks forward to collaborating with more industry peers in the future! (Photo credit: SCHWIMMBAD+SAUNA/Tom Philippi)

In recent years, the iGarden innovations from Fairland, represented by inverter technology, have brought the miracle of sustainable living to the electrification of the future home yard and have been officially recognized by GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™. The latest pool robot prototype has broken the 40-hour continuous operating time, and the new COP39 pool heat pump prototype has become the most energy-efficient pool heat pump to date.Hereafter, Fairland will continue to capitalize on its innovative strengths and team up with more peers to achieve further gratifying accomplishments for a dynamic iGarden industry.

One Family One iGarden is more than a beautiful vision; it is a pleasant lifestyle within reach.Join Fairland for a future filled with growth, collaboration, and endless possibilities! Stay tuned onLinkedIn,Facebook,Instagram, andYouTube.

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