Top Asked
  • What kind of refrigerant will be used in Fairland's heat pump?

    R32 or R410A depends on product lineup and customer demand, you could contact for more detailed information. Both R32 and R410A are eco-friendly and energy-efficient.

  • Why Fairland brand?

    Leading technology, stable quality, and excellent after-sale service. Refer to the page “About” to discover more.

  • Why do I need to use a heater to heat the pool?

    To keep the pool warm for swimming and fun even all year round.

  • Why should I choose a heat pump instead of an electric heater?

    Heat pump can help you save much more in energy consumption to heat a pool.

  • How does a pool heat pump work?

    A heat pump extracts heat from the ambient air surrounding it, enabling it to heat the refrigerant which is then compressed to be much hotter, then goes through a heat exchanger in which the water is heated.

  • How long does a heat pump take to heat up the pool?

    Up to the pool size, weather, and desired pool temperature, normally it will cost 24-48 hours.

  • What size of heat pump do I need?

    Up to the pool size and desired pool temperature, further swimming season. You can contact us to enquire about the sizing calculation.

  • Do I need a pool cover if using a heat pump to heat my pool?

    Better with a pool cover, it can prevent the heat from losing out of the pool, saving more energy.

  • Why does the pool heat pump keep draining water out of a corner in the bottom plate sometimes?

    It’s condensate water, which is normally generated by a heat pump running, not a water leak.

  • What is inverter pool heat pump?

    Inverter pool heat pump is designed with a variable-speed operation which can heat and maintain pool temperature at an optimal speed according to the user’s demand.

  • Why inverter heat pump instead of On/off heat pump?

    Because inverter heat pump can save more energy compared with On/Off heat pump.

  • What is On/Off heat pump?

    On/Off heat pump is a traditional heat pump that will only run at a single speed.

  • Can I use APP to control Fairland's heat pump with my smartphone remotely?

    Sure, download “Fairland Smart Pool” from AppStore or Google Play, and follow the instructions to connect your smartphone with the heat pump.

  • How long should a heat pump run to maintain the pool temperature?

    Normally 10-15hours up to your pool heating demand.

  • How can I confirm that water flow volume is proper?

    If available, check the difference of inlet water temperature and outlet water temperature, difference of 2-5 degree is better.

  • If the pool heat pump could also work for SPA?

    Yes, if the SPA area is constructed with additional pipes for external connection and choose the right model of the heat pump. You could contact our distributor in your region to get more advice.

  • What is the setting pool water temperature of Fairland heat pump?

    Normally it is 18-40 ℃ in heating mode, 12-30 ℃ in cooling mode if available.

  • What power supply do I need?

    Normally, single-phase power supply will be around 220-240V or three-phase power supply will be around 380-415V, contact the dealer for checking if you have special demand.

  • How large of a heat pump do I need?

    The choice of heat pump model depends on your pool volume, targeting 26, take INVERX as an example:


    Advised pool volume (m3)

















    *If you want to know the data of other models, please refer to the corresponding product page

  • What is the lowest operating temperature of Fairland heat pump?

    It’s different from series to series, the operation temperature of the INVERX series will be down to -15℃, and the Inverter-plus series will be down to -7℃.

  • What is COP?

    COP means the coefficient of performance of a heat pump, higher COPs equate to higher energy efficiency, lower power consumption, and lower running costs.

  • How do I know if my heat pump is leaking water? There are puddles of water under it?

    There are two methods for testing for a leak on your heat pump. 

    (1) Turn the heat pump off, but leave the pool pump on to circulate water through the unit. If the heat pump is leaking it will leak whether or not it is running. The water around the heat pump will dry up in a few hours if there is no leak. 

    (2) Check the water around the heat pump with a chlorine test strip. If the water around the heat pump does not show the same level of chlorine as the pool water, then the water around the heat pump is condensate water from the heat pump operation and is not coming from the pool. If the water around the heat pump tests the same as the pool water, then there is probably a leak in the heat pump.

  • Why inverter heat pump is better than a gas heater?

    An inverter heat pump is an energy-saving product that can bring you a lower cost to heat and maintain your pool temperature.

Installation & Repairs
  • When displaying E3 or E5, what does it means?

    E3:no water flows protection, which normally means there is no water flow.

    E5:  abnormal power supply protection, which means the external power supply is not stable at the moment.

  • Can I install the heat pump in a closed space?

    A good ventilation space is required to assure the daily operation of the heat pump, we suggest you install the heat pump in opened space. For more detailed installation rules or different installation occasions, please refer to the product manual from the distributor.

  • Can I Install my heat pump by myself?

    It’s not complicated to install a Fairland heat pump, but to assure the heat pump is installed properly and safely, we suggest a professional team with a certificated electrician.

  • What is the lifespan of a heat pump?

    It depends on many factors like installation environment, usage, maintenance methods, and so on. The estimated lifespan is more than 10 years. For more information about the warranty, please contact the distributor in your region.

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