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World Record Breaking: COP39 - Most Energy Saving Pool Heat Pump (prototype)


Is COP39 a Joke or Revolution?

Just as the idea of vacations on Mars seemed far-fetched before the moon landing, achieving carbon neutrality for pool and garden owners against outdoor energy demand may have seemed improbable until Fairland Group unveiled the R&D success of their COP39 pool heat pumps.

As the 2024 swimming season commences, Fairland Group proudly announces yet another groundbreaking achievement – a world record for energy-saving innovation. Following the success of two ‘40x’ marks in GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ challenges last year, the latest prototype pool heat pump, X40, integrated with TurboSilence AI tech, has set a new benchmark with the third '40x' achievement. With a verified COP of 39, it stands as the world’s most energy-saving pool heat pump to date.

The X40 inverter pool heat pump has shattered records by converting 1 unit of electricity into 39 units of heat output, thanks to its upgraded TurboSilence AI and hyper heat exchange system. Not only does it hold a GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ title, but it's also revolutionizing outdoor energy efficiency with the advancement of Inverter Technology.

COP 39 Making History
A 10000-hour Journey of ‘Beyond Limit’

The hyper-energy-saving attempt has been officially qualified in the TÜV Rheinland authorized lab adhering to strict procedures.

“We finally made it. We got that hyper COP performance that was never tested after the final debugging session!” He added. “The more than 20 years of efforts and experience in inverter technology turned the pool heat pump into the future we envisioned.”

Less than two years have passed since Fairland unveiled the industry's first COP 20 pool heat pump, powered by TurboSilence 20 inverter technology. Introduced to the public at Piscine Global Europe 2022, it has now entered mass production. Remarkably, the R&D success for achieving COP 20 was attained in 2021.

“We immediately delved into the ‘COP 20+’ challenges thereafter,” remarked the technical team. “The inverter technology for pool heat pumps has approached its full potential. For this time, the breakthrough comes faster than any time before.”

Now, Fairland’s original inverter pool heat pump prototype has confirmed a COP of 39.35, setting a new world record. This achievement follows over 10,000 hours invested in lab and factory tests, spanning from mainland China to global environmental conditions tests. Reflecting on the R&D journey, one engineer likened it to a ‘LIMIT GAME.’

“Even before entering the formal TÜV Rheinland lab test, the results we measured and calculated in all our internal labs had already set new world records, starting from 21.7, then 23, and reaching 25.7… Yet, we knew that wasn’t the limit. COP 39 is coming.”

At the heart of inverter control lies the delicate balance of maximizing the performance of each component and ensuring precise coordination among them. In the X40 pool heat pump, TurboSilence AI technology prioritizes inverter algorithm upgrades and creatively integrates a special HyperHeat Exchange system. “We’ve meticulously optimized the titanium exchanger to achieve what we call ‘Lightning Efficiency’, while the aero-pulse heat transfer reshapes the ventilation system to maximize the utilization of ambient air.”

“The next frontier for inverter pool heat pump has never been so exciting. We believe the effortless and sustainable 4-season swimming fun always counts on hyper energy saving pool heating solutions.”

The innovative operating philosophy of inverter pool heat pumps and the energy-saving revolution they've initiated both epitomize pushing ‘beyond the limit’. In its relatively short history, inverter technology has revolutionized people’s perception of pool heating efficiency since Fairland’s declaration in 2011. The trend of inverter pool heating has spurred unprecedented growth in the pool industry over the past decade and underscores the demand for sustainable solutions advocated by iGarden.

Revolutions Unfolding with COP 39
All Green iGarden Sooner than Expected

Our homes are significant contributors to CO2 emissions, particularly in heating and cooling, following transportation and industry. Inverter Technology has been introduced to enhance the four-season swimming experience and revolutionize outdoor energy consumption by continually redefining energy efficiency standards in the industry.

Enter COP39, the latest iteration of inverter technology heralds a green lineup of future pool heat pumps, promoting green living as the new norm and reducing our reliance on fossil fuels. This aligns with the ambitious targets set by the Paris Agreement and aligns with the IPCC's call for high-efficiency solutions.

The essence of technological innovation may lie in building a future that empowers the present. The hyper energy-saving innovation of household garden pools reveals the inspiring truth that a low-carbon private lifestyle is an upcoming reality. For hundreds of millions of garden owners, the sooner the green actions, the better.

“The persistence proves there’s no limit on the COP performance for inverter technology and our endless pursuit of All Green iGarden,” said the chief engineer of Fairland’s inverter pool heat pump. He considers the improvement of inverter pool heat pumps his life-long career and dream, which will fuel his dedication until the age of 80. From the conceptualization of the Full-inverter pool heat pump to the hyper energy-saving prototype beating the world record, he has undergone two heart bypass surgeries. “Achieving COP 39 is calling me on the way to another journey.”

The passion extends beyond personal ambition. The breakthroughs in hyper energy-saving inverter technology also propel the growth of ‘All Green iGarden’. Inverter technology resonates not only in product engineering but also in its potential to inspire systemic change.

COP39 must be viewed not just as a milestone but as a necessity in an electrified age where energy-saving technology and intelligence are crucial for combating climate change. Fairland has been at the forefront of this movement for nearly a decade, evolving from COP16 to COP39, with their innovative inverter technology shaping the future of outdoor living.

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