X-Warrior Air AI-Wireless Robotic Pool Cleaner
Inverter Pool Heat Pump

AI-Wrieless Robotic Clearner X-Warrior Air

    Brings 7-Hour Endurance
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    Precise coordination of 3 motors
    The Full-inverter control system well coordinates the running power of 3 DC motors between 20%~100% (averagely 50%), making them perfectly match each other to realize longer endurance.
  • air source swimming pool heat pump
    Adjustable suction & running power
    In different conditions, the Full-inverter control system will intelligently adjust the most suitable motor running speed to bring the best flow and cleaning effect with the lowest energy consumption.
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    1.5x Coverage Efficiency
    Optimized path covers 1.5 times more area than random path for efficient and better pool cleaning performance
  • inverter heat pump for swimming pool
    4 Cleaning Cycle Options
    For various pool sizes, the robot offers 4 optional cleaning cycles (1h/1.5h/2h/Max) to satisfy different needs.
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More Features
  • 2 Cleaning Modes Selectable

    Floor only; Floor/wall/waterline

  • Finer Filter Basket

    120µm filter to collect finer debris

  • Auto Park

    Auto park by the pool edge for easy pickup

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