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Wireless Robotic Pool Cleaner

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AI-Wireless Pool Robot
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Get AI Work For Your Pool

X-Warrior is an innovative Robotic Pool Cleaner designed for the liberation of manual work.

Just one click.

With revolutionary Al-Wireless technology, the self-developed intelligent algorithm enables X-Warrior to work automatically in the most effective way for up to 10 hours per charge, thus offering you better pool experience.

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    40 Hours

    AI-Wireless Technology

    Thanks to Fairland's original Full-inverter technology, the inside DC-Inverter motors run at 20%-100% (averagely<50%) under the precise control of advanced algorithms, which brings the longest endurance and life span than ever.
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    Breakthrough Tech

    Breakthrough Freedom

    Simply set the cleaning task and mode on the App of X-Warrior, the wireless pool cleaning robot with the longest endurance promises to keep your pool clean for up to 1 month with just 1 charge.
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Intelligent 3D S path

With the advanced control system, X-Warrior analyzes the pool environment and plans the most efficient cleaning path, saving you 60% cleaning time!

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AI Mode for Vacation

The original AI mode allows the users to charge 1 time for 2 weeks using & plans the cleaning cycle. Even if the owner goes out travelling, X-Warrior, your reliable wireless pool cleaner, can still keep your pool automatically with a crystal-clean water at the pre-set cleaning time.

Wireless Robotic Pool Cleaner Videos
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    3D S PATH
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    Waterline Cleaning
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    Powerful Suction

Ultimate Cleaning Experience
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Filter basket
Control panel
Moving motors & Water pump
PVC track
PVC brush
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