Your Stand-by Ultimate Service Center
Service By Great Teamwork
  • Senior Technical Team
    Consist of professionals with 20+ years pool heat pump experience
  • 3 on 1 service
    At least 3 people are responsible for 1 customer
Fast Response
  • 24
    Failures respond within 24 hours
  • 72
    Solutions offer within 72 hours
  • 72
    Main spare parts express within 72 hours
  • 24/7
    online service
Service Center Around You
It's part of Fairland global strategy to build service center locally to provide prompt service, spare parts, technical support, and training.Fairland Service Center in Montpellier France is in operation.
  • Adresse: 10 rue Marc seguin 26740 Les Tourettes

  • Mail:

OTA Support
Fairland AIoT Service System for After-sales
As said in the terms of "Internet of Everything"(IOT), Fairland develops its products and services as smart terminals on the base of networking global system. Now, Fairland's AloT Service System contributes to after sales support to our global end users, providing them with prompt and fast service support.
  • Faster Response Than Ever

    Global 7*24-hour service response

    Fault warning Real-time alarm

    Top cloud speed and stability

  • AIoT Cloud Support

    One-click authorization remote intelligence control

    Special problems in online maintenance

    48 hour customized solutions

  • User-Friendly Interactions

    Intelligent interface & display

    Online training starts in 0 seconds

    3D video introducing & solution made easy

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    just write us an email

  • Service Acceptance

    Monday-Friday: 09:00-18:30


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