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Inver X Warrior Wireless Pool Cleaning Robot Wins Pool Product Of The Year At UK Pool & Spa Awards 2023


It’s a great honor to congratulate the Inver X Warrior, a wireless, artificially intelligent pool cleaning robot, for winning the Pool Product of The Year award at the UK Pool & Spa Awards 2023. Ocea UK, the official brand agent for Fairland in the United Kingdom, led the way for the achievement, making us stand firm to embrace the All Green, All Partner philosophy with pride.

A Joint Success & Shared Joy for Ocea UK & Fairland

Founded in 2010, the UK Pool & Spa Awards is the biggest water leisure competition in the UK and is open to all businesses engaged in water leisure, regardless of trade affiliation. Fairland is delighted that the Inver X Warrior wireless robotic pool cleaner has won the Pool Product Of The Year at the UK Pool & Spa Awards. Fairland would like to express its heartfelt gratitude to Ocea UK, its official robotic pool cleaner brand agent in the United Kingdom, for their fantastic support and unwavering confidence in Fairland products.

The award for the Inver X Warrior robotic pool cleaner is a joint success and shared joy for both Ocea UK and Fairland. The Inver X Warrior is the next-generation, artificially intelligent, cordless pool cleaner that can efficiently clean pools of any shape. Thanks to advanced built-in AI technology, this pool-cleaning robot avoids obstacles and navigates the pool floor, walls, and waterline accurately and efficiently.

The primary selling point of the Inver X Warrior is that it requires no cords, eliminating the need for cables and caddies, and is rechargeable as it runs entirely on battery power. From its sleek design to its ability to clean pools with precision, the Inver X Warrior stands out as one of the best cordless robotic pool cleaners on the market and is well-received by users.

"All Green All Partner" for A Dynamic New Sector

Over the past two decades, Fairland has dedicated itself to technological innovation, spearheading the electrification of outdoor garden appliances and empowering the sector by consistently developing energy-efficient products and sustainable green iGarden solutions.

This year, Fairland stressed to its industry partners the importance of its "All Green All Partner" philosophy. As more and more industry leaders and innovators join the outdoor electrification arena, it will create a remarkable positive impact on society and industry. The success of the Inver X Warrior wireless robotic pool cleaner is a prime example of the "All Green All Partner" philosophy.

Driven by trends in outdoor technology innovation and the increasing popularity of green homes, the global swimming pool industry may expand from 40 million intelligent pools to 400 million intelligent gardens. Yet, innovation and partnership beyond limits are the linchpins to unlocking the visionary 400 million iGarden landscape.

Fairland anticipates becoming an inseparable partner with the entire industry, positively co-creating to propel the iGarden industry forward by leaps and bounds. Industry-wide cooperation and co-prosperity may be just where a thriving new sector begins.

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