Technology Innovates Outdoor Life
Core Value
Pursue “Ultimate Customer” Experience
  • The persistence of technical innovation is the only way to satisfy customers consistently. 30% of Fairland’s turnover has been invested in technology development since 2008, with the rising of customers' expectations of Fairland, the investment and efforts are keeping increasing.
  • Fairland dedicates to building a strict QC system to ensure a global failure rate below 1%, offering a fast response within 24hrs and effective solutions to customers’ requirements within 72hrs. We commit to being responsible for our products and customers, as we are your reliable partner.
  • Fairland will insist on technology innovation, listen to and respect customer needs, provide more intelligent, eco-friendly, and reliable products to global families, and we dedicate ourselves to bringing Ultimate Customer Experiences to every family.
Technology Innovates Outdoor Life
  • Fairland Technology Innovates Outdoor Life
    Fairland is consistently putting efforts to provide the best solution to the families who are in eager to enjoy smart outdoor life at any moment.
  • swimming pool heater pool heating solution
    The milestone of Fairland's growing history has always come with tech breakthroughs. By applying inverter to the pool heat pump, Fairland transformed the pool garden from just summer relaxation to 4-season paradise. By overcoming self-piloting of wireless cleaning robot, Fairland is seeking the most human&enviromental-friendly way of pool cleaning that liberates people's hand.
  • swimming pool heater pool heating solution
    Technology Innovates Outdoor Life. And this is just the beginning. Fairland will ultimately lead the advent of iGarden products and solutions, which will play essential part of future outdoor life when combined, to fullfill the outdoors as we want.
Love in Action
Fairland's 14-Year Journey of Giving Back to Elderly Communities
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