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What Awaits On The Horizon For Inverter Pool Heat Pump And Beyond


As times change, pool heat pump technology keeps on revolutionizing. From fixed-frequency to inverter technology, air-source heat pumps have multiple iterative upgrades, refreshing the coefficient of performance (COP) to address the quest for higher energy-efficient pool heating.
Swimming pool heat pumps feature inverter technology, providing tremendous energy-saving potential. Throughout the history of pool heat pump development, every technological innovation has brought a new leap in doubling the heat pump efficiency.

Inverter Technology Innovations Refresh the Upper Limit of Pool Heating Efficiency

From on/off to inverter heat pumps, pool heat pump manufacturers are working continuously on technological innovations for higher energy efficiency. While inverter pool heat pumps only came into existence a short time ago, they made their way through several iterations, increasingly refreshing the COP energy efficiency values of the units.

From COP1 to COP10

Inverter Technology Boosts First Leap In Heat Pump Efficiency

The earliest heat pumps, with an average COP heating efficiency exceeding 1, easily outperformed traditional gas pool heaters with optimal efficiency of only 89%-95%. Thanks to innovations in the fan motor, the titanium heat exchanger, and the energy efficiency gains through inverter technology, the pool heat pump has made the breakthrough from a COP of 4 to a COP of 10.

Fairland was the first pool heat pump manufacturer to develop Full-inverter technology in 2011. It defined the first inverter pool heat pump and doubled its energy efficiency, leading the market trend of global inverter pool heat pumps. The Full-inverter pool heat pumps allow self-adjustment of heating capacity, making pool heat pumps 4-season energy saving and the pool heating experience more enjoyable than ever.

Attaining COP16

Inverter Technology Advancements Double Heat Pump Efficiency

The advancements in upgrading inverter technology have doubled the energy efficiency of inverter pool heat pumps. In 2019, Fairland launched the revolutionary TurboSilence® Full-inverter technology after five years of experiment and optimization of the original Full-inverter technology. By intelligently adjusting heating capacity, the TurboSilence® Full-inverter technology boosts COP efficiency to 16, making pool heat pumps 16 times more energy efficient.

The unique Turbo mode featured by TurboSilence® Full-inverter technology enables heat pumps to rapidly warm the pool water to the desired pool temperature at 120% heating capacity. It perfectly balances inverter-compressor control and heat exchanging technology, bringing Turbo performance and Silence operation.

Raising the Bar to COP20

Inverter Technology Innovations Sustainably Surpass New COP Levels

The design of the heat exchange structure and algorithm upgrades further bring disruptive technological innovations that increase the COP of inverter pool heat pumps. Thanks to a legacy of innovation at Fairland, a team of dedicated R&D professionals can figure out how to turn new discoveries into great products. They set out to completely re-imagine the future of outdoor living and deliver greener, more intelligent, and comfortable solutions to provide the best of both worlds.

Since the launch of TurboSilence® Full-inverter technology in 2019, the Fairland R&D team has been questing for higher energy efficiency ratios. They evaluated the ability of TurboSilence® Full-inverter technology and kept exploring the limits of the inverter, striving for COP breakthroughs. In 2021, with more than 10,000 hours of R&D testing, Fairland finally found a way to achieve a COP of 20.

Fairland upgraded its TurboSilence® Full-inverter technology again, allowing the built-in inverter system in pool heat pumps to achieve more precise energy dispatch and output. It enables precise control by interacting with surrounding conditions, making the inverter system the supercomputing center of the pool heat pump. By automatically recognizing ambient conditions and adjusting its operating rate, the upgraded TurboSilence® 20 increases the COP of a pool heat pump from the original 16 to 20, taking COP performance to an entirely new level.

The X20 featuring TurboSilence® 20 is the new generation of Fairland's iconic TurboSilence® Full-inverter pool heat pumps, redefining the industry standard with COP20. The X20 inverter pool heat pumps all feature the world-renowned hallmarks that the Fairland TurboSilence® Full-inverter line has become synonymous with – high COP efficiency, ultra-quiet operation, and legendary ultimate in comfort. As put into mass production, the X20 inverter pool heat pumps will be able to satisfy the demand of global users for green outdoor life.

Shape the Future – How High Can COP Really Soar?

Today, inverter pool heat pumps boast energy efficiencies ranging from COP16 to COP20. And in the future, the energy efficiency of inverter pool heat pumps will likely double beyond anyone's wildest dreams. Inverter technology took five years to double the COP efficiency value from 10 to 20, so how long will it take TurboSilence® Full-inverter technology to double the COP again? Can the COP of pool heat pumps go double from 20 to 40?

Fairland looks forward to unlocking the potential of the iGarden industry by consistently innovating technologically and in products to propel the sector towards a smarter and greener future. With this in mind, Fairland has launched the TurboSilence AI technology development pilot, aiming to enable artificial intelligence to provide more application scenarios for iGarden through the intelligent control of the system, for example, to see if the disruption of the algorithm can make heat pumps smarter.

Will the next doubling of energy efficiency be the "Moore's Law" for the heat pump industry again? Will it lead to the next COP miracle? We will see

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