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Fairland Achieves GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ Titles - The Wireless Robotic Pool Cleaner with Full-Inverter Tech


The evolving tech innovation of Fairland is running the world record chasing back. Its Full-inverter pool heat pump looks to continue higher COP performance in breaking record after record. This time, the Full-inverter tech has furthered its list of achievements by enabling the longest duration of wireless pool robots.

Guinness World Records verified and recorded the attempt officially at Piscina & Wellness Barcelona, witnessed by distinguished guests, media, and Fairland’s business partners.

Full-inverter: Inspiring Potential

Technology will inspire the industry every time it goes beyond its limits. The Fairland tests showed the prototype of its R&D side could achieve over 40h endurance with just one full charge, which broke the world record for the longest duration of the wireless robotic pool cleaner.

The super efficiency enabled by the intelligent Full-inverter control leads to incomparable long endurance, which will entirely change the way users participate in daily pool maintenance and people’s imagination about water leisure. That uncharted territory suggests vigorous potential growth next several years.

What if users can initiate deep cleaning underwater until they are satisfied without charging again?
What if pool owners go on vacation, leaving it working automatically for several weeks regularly without hassle paid to the maintenance?
And What will be the next?

Latest 20-Hours of Endurance: Secure Free Time for Fun

The coming X-Warrior Pro achieves up to 20 hours of endurance per charge. The Full-inverter tech made Fairland’s pool robot, X-Warrior lineup, the game-changer, boasting a long-lasting cleaning experience that doesn’t require a large, heavy, or expensive battery.

One of the most significant improvements is its ability to clean pools with minimal battery usage, which is achieved through a combination of hardware and software optimization, including hydrodynamics, filtration systems, and Full-inverter control.

In addition to its battery efficiency, the X-Warrior series robot optimizes battery weight, volume, and cost. This means that users can enjoy an enhanced cleaning experience without worrying about the robot's size or weight.

  • Double efficiency with a unique 3D S Path
When incorporating a precise self-developed algorithm and AutoPilot systems to regulate the cleaning power and path, the X-Warrior series makes it possible for the collaborative efficiency of its three motors, which work together to optimize running and function. With its unique 3D S path, users can enjoy a more efficient auto-cleaning experience that brings double coverage efficiency.

  • AI Warrior Standby for Green and Fun
Designed with the insight of wireless cleaning without manual labor, X-Warrior series pool robots unlock new fashion. It works hard and smartly in your backyard pool, feasting your eyes while letting you focus on things that are truly important in life – laughing times with the beloved rather than worrying about pool maintenance.

All Partners towards All Green iGarden

As one of the core innovations underlying the iGarden green management system, Full-inverter-powered applications have carved out a niche in breaking records and aspire to create more value in more sectors of the industry from now on. X-Warrior Pro with 20 hours of endurance is the next typical.

The faith in ‘BEYOND LIMIT’ will keep the company at the cutting edge of innovation, constantly pushing the limits of engineering and manufacturing. It is also the key to unlocking the visionary 40 million pools and potential market of 400 million iGarden, where ‘All Players are All Partners’.

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