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Fairland Design Inspiration: Hexagon - The most efficient shape in the nature


Darwin (1809-1882), the famous contemporary biologist said: "The exquisite structure of the honeycomb is very suitable for the needs, if a person watches the delicate honeycomb and does not know how to praise it, he must be a fool." Today, let’s discuss Hexagon structure appliance in the nature and daily life because Fairland is the fan of this amazing shape.

Hexagon in nature: largest combined space, most material saving & stable

Why the honeycomb constructed by regular hexagons? Because the regular hexagonal honeycomb is the highest degree of closeness, the minimum requirement for materials, and the largest available space, the combined structure can be even by force, very stable.

Scientists have found that if the honeycomb is round or octagonal, it will appear empty. If it is triangular or quadrangular, the total area will be reduced. This regular hexagonal honeycomb, which can accommodate up to ten thousands of bees, has the highest degree of closeness. The minimum required materials and the largest available space. The structure of the honeycomb is very exquisite, consisting of countless regular hexagonal room holes, each room hole is surrounded by other room holes, and a wax wall is separated between the two room holes. All honeycomb in the world are built according to this unified perspective and model. That is also the reason why the side by side construction is very steady and reliable.

Even the romantic snowflake prefer hexagon!
Because hexagons are the most efficient way to arrange snowflakes on a plane.

Hexagon in daily life: widely applied on people’s daily life because of its unique advantages

We can also notice that the Hexagon is also widely applied in our daily life, for example, the common seen high-strength bolts are hexagon, inner hex or outer hex. This structure can be evenly stressed, withstand large torques, and is widely used in the aviation, automotive, and machinery industries.
For example:
Hexagon inspires Fairland design: lead a brand new design direction in pool heat pump industry

How miraculous the Hexagon is! The good news is: Hexagon inspired our engineer and Fairland also apply this beautiful element to our own brand name pool heat pump products families.

Firstly, we hope to innovate the traditional fan mesh design, to hide the fan and the fan mesh, and make the whole design look simpler and more classic, this idea urges us to find a new direction.

Secondly, based on above design concept, our chief engineer Mr. Yang calculated all the geometric figure’s combination surface for the ventilation, and found out that the Hexagon is the most efficient choice. Because the optimized combination of Hexagon can get the maximum ventilation, it equals to the traditional fan mesh design. In other words, this design can also perfectly match the working principle of the Full-inverter & Turbo Silence technology, and meantime, very strong structure.

Hexagon inspires Fairland design in Pool Heat PUmp industry
In January of 2018, this Hexagon design is gladly patented. And now, it has a family like InverX Horizontal & Vertical pool heat pump, Inverter-plus heat pump, Inverter-plus Commercial swimming pool heat pumps, Inverter Dehumidifier…
Fairland Inver-X series and Full-inverter series swimming pool heat pump
This design concept will surely lead a new design trend in pool heat pump industry and enhance the overall aesthetics level, bring more nature element into people’s daily life.

Hexagon is the gift from Nature, and there should be many other elements from Nature which inspired or will inspire human being and make their life more easy and intelligent, we hope to be one of the explorers, to find out the beauty and truth of Nature, and connect them into people’s life. Will you join us?

Stay tuned with Fairland on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, so that you can stay on top of the latest Fairland news. For more information about Fairland Full-inverter & InverX series pool heating products in Hexagon design, welcome to contact us via email to

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