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Best Pool Technology Powering the Future of iGarden


Ranging from pool heat pumps to pool cleaner robots, inverter technology by Fairland has made history more than once. With the presence of guests, media, and Fairland’s business partners, GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ recently confirmed at Piscina & Wellness Barcelona that Fairland’s latest pool robot (prototype) broke the record for the longest running time—more than 40 hours. It may set the first world record in the robotic pool cleaner industry, a memorable showcase that impressed everyone.

Remarkable Full Inverter Technology, Relentless New Chapter

Whenever innovating by pushing the boundaries of technology, Fairland sparks inspiration in the industry. At one time, Fairland revolutionized the product performance of heat pumps, robots, pumps, and other pool equipment with its self-developed inverter technology, creating market segments and boosting the growth of the pool industry.

Today, Fairland upgraded and iterated the Full-inverter tech as TurbsoSilence® Full-inverter technology, powering several innovations that ensure equipment runs proactively and energy-efficiently, laying a solid foundation for an intelligent, connected, sustainable, and healthy outdoor life. Pool products featuring the Fairland Turbosilence® Full-inverter technology receive increasing industry recognition and partner support.
  • At Piscina & Wellness Barcelona 2023, the new X20 inverter pool heat pump and X20 wireless robot from Fairland were two of the finalists in the Innovative Product Awards for innovations in Sustainability and Connectivity, which is a testament to the recognition and anticipation the industry has for the novel products from Fairland.
  • The latest record-breaking model in the Fairland X-Warrior series operates continuously for 40 hours without recharging, officially setting a GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ with its ultra-long endurance. This increase in battery life is a leap forward for both the industry and the user, opening the door to a new and imaginative pool cleaning experience.
  • The Inver X Warrior Cordless Pool Cleaning Robot, led by Ocea UK, the official brand agent for Fairland in the United Kingdom, won the Pool Product of The Year award at the UK Pool & Spa Awards 2023. One of the best cordless robotic pool cleaners on the market, the cord-free and rechargeable Inver X Warrior is popular among users for its sleek design and efficient cleaning capabilities.

Charting the Future towards Green iGarden

Aside from single products, Fairland introduced the All Green iGarden solution that combines outdoor robotics, energy-saving electrifications, green energy supply, and AIoT-aided central control, which German trade press Schwimmbad + Sauna has described as “a completely new innovation on the international pool market.”

As one of the core technologies of the iGarden solution, the TurbsoSilence® Full-inverter technology represents the technological prowess of Fairland in creating ultimate performance, energy efficiency, and environmental sustainability. Thanks to TurboSilence® Full-inverter technology, the iGarden Green Management System enables all-in-one inverter control. While interconnected with the INVERX Solar Energy Storage System, the energy-saving equipment in the residential pool system, such as inverter pool heat pumps, inverter swimming pool pumps, inverter salt chlorinators, automatic multiport valves, and inverter dehumidifiers, will be more seamlessly associated with one another for active power-efficient operation.

From energy-saving and silencing to one-button operation, the global pool industry is exciting and anticipated to the intelligent and sustainable outdoor life empowered by the revolutionary Fairland Full-inverter technology.

New Chapters with All Partners’ Dedication

Amidst the trending wave of outdoor electrification and net-zero emissions, Fairland devotes itself to pushing boundaries in energy-efficient technology development, intelligent interaction design, and the efficient utilization of renewable solar energy.

Nevertheless, every technological innovation involves countless efforts from different parties. As for Fairland, from original research and development, technology application, and product design to supply chain and market trial verification, every successful breakthrough is not for a single product but to invite and inspire more peers to arouse the potential of the whole sector altogether.

Embracing the concept of All Green All Partner, Fairland expects to unite partners worldwide to go beyond the limits and break new records for a novel iGarden era. Partnering together shall be a fresh new dawn.

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