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Discover the Latest in Pool Heating:Fairland's Innovative Inverter Technology


Get ready for a cleaner, more efficient way to heat your pool! Fairland has developed a groundbreaking inverter pool heat pump that sets new standards for a more energy efficiency way-COP39, earning recognition from GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™. This technology is revolutionizing outdoor spaces, making iPools and iGardens more sustainable and enjoyable.

Inverter technology is the future of pool heating, promising lower power consumption and a greener planet. Fairland's advancements, like the Full-inverter technology and TurboSilence Technology upgrades, are making pool heating more efficient than ever before.

This innovation aligns with global efforts towards sustainability. The International Energy Agency (IEA) predicts a shift to cleaner energy sources, including electric heating systems like heat pumps. Fairland's inverter pool heat pumps are perfectly positioned to meet this demand.

Why Choose Fairland Inverter Pool Heat Pumps?

Fairland's inverter technology has several benefits:

High-Efficiency: Fairland's pumps maximize heat output while minimizing energy consumption, in line with the IEA's emphasis on energy efficiency.
Eco-Friendly: By using less energy, inverter heat pumps reduce reliance on fossil fuels, helping to a lower carbon living.

Solar Compatibility: Inverter heat pumps work well with solar power systems, providing an environmentally friendly heating option.

COP20 Pool Heat Pump Powered By TurboSilence Inverter

As the innovator of iGarden solutions and the creator of original Full-inverter technology, Fairland is committed to working with global partners to advance outdoor greener technology and push the boundaries of what is possible. Exploring together for a more eco-friendly and more sustainable lifestyle.

Ready to upgrade your pool heating? Fairland's inverter pool heat pump offers a more sustainable and cost-effective solution. Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting innovation!

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