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3 Reasons to Use an Inverter Heat Pump to Heat Your Pool (2024 Guide)


Maintaining the pool water at the optimal temperature can sometimes be challenging with the changing seasons. It is where an inverter pool heat pump can help. In the context of rising energy costs and environmental concerns, using an inverter pool heat pump is a more sustainable and cost-effective alternative for pool heating. What makes inverter pool heat pumps particularly appealing for pool heating? Mainly for the following three reasons:

Reason #1: Inverter pool heat pumps deliver higher energy efficiency for more energy savings.

One of the most appealing aspects of inverter pool heat pumps is their impressive energy efficiency. Recent innovations in inverter technology, such as those in variable speed compressors, fan motors, and heat exchangers, have dramatically improved pool heat pump coefficient of performance (COP), delivering faster heating time, better temperature regulation, and lower energy consumption. Time and time again, inverter technology is smashing its coefficient of performance for a heat pump, increasing from 4x to 20x and offering tremendous potential for energy savings.

Today, inverter pool heat pumps are still surpassing their limits regarding COP efficiency. Fairland, one of the leading pool heat pump manufacturers, has recently developed TurboSilence AI technology that breaks the limit of COP in heat pumps by advancing to COP 39 and earned recognition from GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ as the most energy-efficient pool heating method. Leveraging TurboSilence AI technology, the testing prototype optimizes and coordinates the precise inverter operation of each core component through self-developed intelligent algorithms, adjusting the heat production in real time and matching the ultimate performance of the hyper heat exchange system. By maximizing the energy efficiency ratio of the swimming pool heat pump, this COP39 pool heat pump prototype developed by Fairland will be the highest COP heat pump that provides a new four-season sustainable outdoor lifestyle option for pool users worldwide.

Reason #2: Inverter pool heat pumps work better for the environment.

As the world shifts towards sustainable living, consumers are becoming more conscious of their environmental impact by actively seeking sustainable and green options in all aspects of their lives, including home appliances and amenities. Inverter pool heat pumps coincide with this trend, as energy-efficient inverter pool heat pumps reduce greenhouse gas emissions and reliance on fossil fuels while utilizing the flexibility of heat pumps to support the energy system.

European Heat Pump Association (EHPA) found that the rooftop photovoltaic and heat pump combination has become increasingly common, especially in Mediterranean regions. Inverter pool heat pumps utilize renewable energy (air) and renewable electricity (solar) to heat the pool, contributing to a reduced carbon footprint and supporting a greener future. Offering solar compatibility, the high COP heat pump with a COP20 featured in Fairland's All Green iGarden solution can work perfectly with InverX solar storage systems to provide an environmentally friendly heating option.

Reason #3: Inverter pool heat pumps provide consistent comfort despite ongoing weather changes.

Climate change has led to more unpredictable weather patterns, with sudden temperature drops during warmer months or, in many regions, milder winters and longer summers, lengthening the traditional swimming season. Inverter pool heat pumps have become an attractive option for pool heating solutions because they can cope with ongoing weather changes and efficiently maintain optimum water temperatures. The X20, the industry's first mass-produced COP20 pool heat pump, remains operational and efficiently heats the pool water even in cold weather with low temperatures down to -20 degrees Celsius, making it possible to keep the pool open all year round.

Break COP 39 Limit, Power the Efficiency for All Green iGarden

Using an inverter heat pump to heat your pool is a sustainable and affordable alternative because of its high energy efficiency, better environmental friendliness, and constant comfort despite ongoing weather changes. Yet Fairland's new achievement in heat pump energy efficiency - its latest inverter technology innovation that breaks the limit of COP 39 - not only brings about a world record in heat pumps coefficient of performance but also proves that inverter technology does have the "BEYOND LIMIT" potential. The ultimate performance delivered by inverter innovations defines the essence of Fairland's All Green iGarden every moment. For a sustainable future, Fairland believes the boom in green outdoor living with iGarden innovation will fuel industries to redefine efficiency. Join Fairland, contributing to the most eco-friendly lifestyle filled with world-record-breaking intelligence.

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