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How Much Does An Inverter Pool Heat Pump Save


An inverter pool heat pump is one of the most affordable ways to heat a swimming pool. Swimming pool heat pumps for inverters use significantly less energy to produce more heat than other heating methods. The International Energy Agency (IEA) found that using heat pumps can meet the vast majority of today's water heating demand with lower CO2 emissions. The IEA predicts that under the Net Zero Scenario, heat outputs from heat pumps will increase by at least two-fold by 2030.

Do Inverter Heat Pumps Save Energy?

Yes, inverter pool heat pump saves energy because a quality pool heat pump can heat your pool economically and get the best savings on ongoing heating costs. And inverter pool heat pumps are one of the most energy-saving equipments available today. Inverter pool heat pumps allow pool owners to extend the pool season without wasting energy and money to get affordable on-demand heating.

What Affects Pool Heat Pump Cost Savings?

The size of your swimming pool, the climate where you live, how energy-efficient your pool system is, and how you currently heat your pool are some of the variables that impact savings the most. However, the energy efficiency of your pool heat pump is the most crucial factor for pool energy savings.

Generally, we use the coefficient of performance (COP) to assess a pool heat pump's energy efficiency. The higher the COP value, the higher the energy efficiency. According to the federal test procedure for pool heat pumps published by, we can set the test conditions at 80ºF ambient dry bulb, 63% relative humidity, and 80ºF pool water. COP values typically range from 3.0 to 7.0, converting to efficiency between 300% and 700%. In other words, for every unit of electricity required to run the compressor, you get 3-7 units of heat from the heat pump. An inverter pool heat pump typically has a much higher COP. Therefore, the COP value will be a determining indicator when comparing heat pump savings.

How Much Does A Pool Heat Pump Save?

While they have higher upfront costs, relatively low yearly operating costs for pool heat pumps make them more cost-effective than propane or gas heating solutions. Fairland's new energy-saving pool heat pump takes this cost-effectiveness to a g higher level. The X20 continues the simple and classic hexagonal design of the INVERX series, combining natural elements with the innovative TurboSilence® full inverter heat pump technology. A COP of 20 means that for every 1 kW of electricity consumed, the X20 can produce up to 20 kW of heat to achieve 20 times more energy savings. Nominated for Pool Innovation Awards at Piscine Global Europe 2022, the X20 has already won high recognition and acclaim from the pool industry for its superior performance.

Fairland was premiering the X20 inverter pool heat pump at Piscine Global Europe 2022, where the product got nominated for Pool Innovation Awards due to its superior performance.

How much can you save with an X20 inverter pool heat pump? We found that under the same conditions, the X20 saves nearly 60% of the annual electricity bill compared to an on/off heat pump. To heat a 27.3 m³ swimming pool in Paris, France, we set the X20 to operate from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily. The local average annual temperature is 13°C. Aiming to maintain the pool at the ideal temperature of 28°C, the X20 would consume approximately 4.6 kWh daily. Therefore, the total annual power consumption would be 1,743 kWh. Powered by Fairland's self-developed control system, the X20 inverter pool heat pump perfectly matches the inverter-compressor and extreme 3D heat-exchanging tech and maximizes COP performance. Every kilowatt consumed is visible, and so is every penny savings.

*The cost is based on the following condition: A swimming pool of 27.3m³ in Paris, France, at an average annual temperature of 13°C, is heated daily from 7:00 o 22:00. Fairland IXP46 inverter pool heat pump consumes approximately 4.6kWh daily to maintain the desired pool temperature at 28℃.

Final Words: Is An Inverter Pool Heat Pump Worth The Money?

Ultimately, a high-efficiency inverter pool heat pump that intelligently adjusts heating capacity on demand to reduce energy consumption is worth the money. With proper maintenance, an inverter pool heat pump last longer than an on/off heat pump or gas pool heater. As a result, you will save more money in the long run.

And in some cases, the ability of a heat pump to operate flexibly may be more important than achieving the highest level of energy efficiency. As a tech-lead manufacturer and supplier of green intelligence solutions, Fairland stays committed to developing intelligent outdoor garden solutions that focus on the user experience through innovative deployments of high-efficiency pool heat pumps and other outdoor garden appliances. Examples include increasing the user experience of pool heat pumps by reducing their noise emissions and enhancing their aesthetic appearance or providing flexibility to the grid by integrating solar PV systems and solar energy storage systems in combination with intelligent control of heat pumps. All of this is what the 20x Saving iGarden solution by Fairland delivers. With the Fairland 20x Saving iGarden solutions, you can switch the 20x saving ON and turn the high energy cost OFF. Feel free to contact Team Fairland via email at for more 20x Saving iGarden inspiration.

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