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Fairland Redefines Pool Heat Pump Energy Efficiency with A COP Of 20


Leading into the second decade of inverter technology, Fairland, a brand specializing in intelligent outdoor solutions, introduces the latest innovation in inverter pool heat pumps with the X20, marking heat pump history with a coefficient of performance of 20. It has made waves in the swimming pool industry since its debut at Piscine Global Europe 2022.

With 20 years of research and development in disruptive breakthroughs, Fairland realizes that the ever-evolving COP encourages users to enjoy longer swimming seasons in a more energy efficient way and that COP20 will be the standard that changes the game.

Leverage Advanced Techs to Empower COP20

X20 TurboSilence®20 Full-inverter Pool Heat Pump, as one of the highlights of the 20x Saving iGarden total solution proposed by Fairland, unites the self-developed TurboSilence®20 inverter technology and a new generation of 3D heat exchanging technology for an unrivaled combination of COP performance and energy saving. Designed with the ultimate user experience in mind, the X20 not only redefines the industry's standard for pool heat pumps COP energy efficiency but also redefines the user's interpretation of the ultimate experience.

Powered by self-developed TurboSilence®20 inverter technology and a new generation of 3D heat exchanging technology, the X20 is one of the highest-performing inverter heat pumps ever built. The tech combo intelligently optimizes the gas flow rate to maximize COP performance and redefines titanium heat exchangers, increasing the 30% exchange area and improving efficiency. With 20kW heating power for every 1kW input power, the X20 energy-efficient swimming pool heater saves up to 20 times more energy. Even at low temperatures, the TurboSilence® Full-inverter control system can automatically and intelligently control the inverter heat pump, delivering heat freely according to pool needs, providing the maximum pool season for the whole family in the most energy-efficient way.

Furthermore, the upgraded high-performance inverter compressor heat pump allows the end user to turbo the heating capacity up to 120% in one touch. It shortens the waiting time for the initial heating without performance degradation, enabling pool users to have a more extraordinary experience and enhance the enjoyment of swimming in all seasons.

Act to Unlock an Energy-Efficient Future

According to a special briefing report released by the International Energy Agency, global energy efficiency progress has reached 2.2% in 2022, twice the average over the previous five years. It reveals that high-efficiency electric heat pumps are significant technologies for decarbonizing space and process heating. For two decades, Fairland has deployed the power of digital energy-efficiency technologies to the fullest. When Full-inverter technology first appeared in the pool heat pump industry, it immediately changed the game. And with the breakthrough in Pool Heat Pump COP20, a new era of green intelligence for outdoor living is expected to be brought to the fore.

Leading COP20 in the pool heat pump wholesale, Fairland will create endless swimming fun for every backyard paradise through relentless innovation, long-term efforts, and the groundbreaking achievement of the ever-evolving 20x Saving iGarden, dedicated to enhancing the quality of outdoor life for families and promoting an energy-efficient future for the world. Welcome to learn more at

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