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Pool Maintenance for Beginners: How to Clean My Pool


Water quality in your swimming pool is the key to happy swimming. Maintaining clean, clear, and balanced pool water will keep you and your family safe from disease. Additionally, it will help you avoid costly hardware repairs due to corrosion and will aid in making your entire pool last longer. In this article, we will offer expert tips on pool cleaning, including how to clean, how often to clean, and the best tools for cleaning.

How Do I Clean My Swimming Pool?

To clean a swimming pool, you need to:
1. Regularly skim, brush and vacuum the pool to remove dirt and debris, depending on how often you use your pool or where you locate it. Brushing areas include your pool's walls, steps, and floor. And for the water's surface and pool floor, skimming off leaves and other items is sufficient.
2. Adjust the pH level and add chlorine to kill bacteria and algae.
3. Use different tools and cleaners to scrub the walls and floor, such as stainless steel brushes, melamine sponges, or baking soda paste.
4. Rinse the pool with a power washer after using soap.

How Often Should You Clean Your Pool?

We advise thorough pool cleaning at least once a week, particularly in the summer when pool use is at its highest. However, it is not necessary to shock your pool every week. Also, remember to balance the chemistry of your swimming pool regularly. For example, use the proper tools and adequate water-treating chemicals to maintain the correct pH level in your swimming pool. Please read Pool Maintenance for Beginners: How to Maintain My Pool for more tips on pool upkeep.

Alternatively, we recommend that you make a swimming pool cleaning schedule. Since routine pool maintenance is essential, creating a pool cleaning schedule that covers all aspects of pool maintenance is a simple way to ensure it always gets done.

What Is The Best Way To Clean Your Pool?

A cordless automatic pool cleaner with Wi-Fi is the best way to alleviate the cleaning pressure for heavy-duty pool maintenance because manual pool cleaning is very time-consuming and labor-intensive. We recommend opting for an automatic swimming pool cleaning robot, which saves you more time and helps you accomplish most of your work. The newest pool vacuum robots can even cover the pool's floor and walls with customizable cleaning modes and schedules.

What Robotic Pool Cleaner Should I Buy?

The X-Warrior AI-Wireless robotic pool cleaner is an excellent option to keep your in-ground swimming pools clean with its 10 hours long endurance and double coverage efficiency. X-Warrior is the first auto wireless pool cleaning robot released by Fairland. With revolutionary Al-Wireless technology, the self-developed intelligent algorithm enables X-Warrior to work automatically in the most effective way for up to 10 hours for 2 weeks of automatic cleaning with a single charge.

One of the best cordless robotic pool cleaners is Fairland's X-Warrior AI-Wireless swimming pool cleaning robot, which has a 10-hour long endurance and an intelligent "3D S" cleaning path that makes the cleaning process more effective and efficient.

While traditional robots work at the highest power, the Fairland swimming pool robot cleaner automatically adjust the output power to maintain a fixed speed as the friction on different pool surfaces changes, saving the most energy and maintaining a long endurance for the same working time. With the advanced detection system supported by navigation algorithms and "6 sensors +1 precise Gyro", X-Warrior can detect the pool environments automatically and plan the most efficient "3D S" cleaning path for thorough pool cleaning of floor, walls, and waterline, saving you 60% of the cleaning time, thus having more time in your joyous pool life. Featuring ultra-long endurance and automatic planning, X-Warrior breaks the rules and brings a hassle-free experience.

Final Words: Are Robotic Pool Cleaners Worth It?

The automatic wireless robotic pool cleaner is 100% worth the investment, one of the best bucks you will ever spend on a pool. Most pool robotic cleaners are programmable, and many of them have artificially intelligent technology like sensors that help them find dirt and leave your pool floor, walls, and waterline spotless. Automatic wireless robotic cleaners are also very easy to operate. The convenience of simply placing an automatic cleaner into your pool without running a filtration system is unbeatable. Fairland believes in the power of technology in innovating outdoor living and aspires to deliver a further enhanced user experience through unceasing technological innovation. Fairland's next generation of AI-Wireless Pool Robots with up to 20 hours durance will be coming soon. Please follow Fairland on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube for the latest updates.

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