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German Private Swimming Pool Market Grows with Potential

Germany is the third-largest swimming pool market in Europe after France and Spain. According to data released by Bundesverband Schwimmbad & Wellness (the German Association for Swimming Pools and Wellness), up to July 2021, there are 832,600 private swimming pools in Germany, including 595,500 outdoor swimming pools, 133,100 indoor swimming pools, and 104,000 above-ground swimming pools with a water depth of more than 1 meter and a purchase price of more than 1,500 Euros.

German Private Swimming Pool Market Grows with Potential

Private Swimming Pool Market in Germany Offers Good Prospects

Over the past five years, based on an industry study published by Businesscoot in 2021, the pool market in Germany has grown by 9%. Pool sales have remained relatively stable, with an estimated 9,500 pools a year including a third of high-end pools. While swimming pool construction in Germany is declining, renovation activity is booming. It is the high domestic consumption associated with the dynamism of the German economy leading to an upward trend in demand for luxury products, such as private swimming pools.

aquanale & FSB 2021 Made a Dynamic Restart for the Pool & Wellness Industries in Germany

aquanale and FSB are two of the major exhibitions dedicated to swimming pools in Germany. As the first in-person event for the pool and wellness industries in two years, the co-located events aquanale and FSB in 2021 stand not only for the home pools and wellness but also the around 6,000 public swimming pools and 2,000 sauna facilities in Germany, around 3,500 pools in hotels and over 2,000 pools in communal residential complexes. Sustainability, material composition and energy efficiency became crucial issues discussed at aquanale. How has the Pandemic affected the market for private pool? What are customers asking for today? Let's take a current look at the top three trends in the German pool market.

Pool Heat Pump, the Green Wave Product for Energy Efficiency

The protection of natural resources is getting increasingly significant in pool operations. The swimming pool industry has adapted to this demand, with heat pump players taking advantage of technological innovations to achieve energy-efficient heating of pool water. The inverter heat pump for swimming pool has become one of the "green wave" products, energy-saving and friendly to natural resources.

Smart Pool Technologies, the Must-have Helper for Pool Management

As more technology moves into our daily lives, modern swimming pool owners can use apps on their smartphones to control their fully connected pool systems. Swimming pool products with intelligent systems or functions have become must-have hot features.

4-Season Swimming Pool, the New Style of Garden Pool At Home

The Germans like to travel all over the world. They were once described as the world champions of travel, but vacationing abroad during the Pandemic is no longer a matter of course. The Germans can sum up what they have been "in" since 2020: spending their holidays at home.

Hence, the garden pool, which used to be more of a lifestyle, is now becoming a fitness studio that opens anytime, intending to create a living space out of the garden. The swimming pool remains a welcome investment "with health returns" for the Germans. More Germans are willing to renovate their garden pools. Some people want to have fun for kids, others want a place for sporty swimming, aqua jogging or just relaxing. The garden pool becomes a four-season swimming pool both for kids and adults.

Fairland INVERX Pool Heat Pumps, Ideal for 4-Season Swimming Efficiently & Eco-friendly

Fairland has seized the opportunity with the latest INVERX series of swimming pool heat pumps, which combines the needs of the above three trends. Powered by innovative TurboSilence® Inverter technology, the INVERX provides 120% heating capacity for fast heating and brings 3 times energy saving and 15 times quieter experience. Featuring both A-rank SCOP (Seasonal COP >7) and COP (highest 16.5 with TÜV Rheinland certified) performance, Fairland INVERX pool heat pump is ideal to realize 4-season swimming efficiently and eco-friendly. For more details about Fairland INVERX pool heat pumps, please feel free to send an inquiry to The Fairland team will be at your disposal for advice and support.

* Source reference and data from Businesscoot, Bundesverband Schwimmbad & Wellness (BSW), and aquanale.

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