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Spain Swimming Pool Market: A Bright Future Brimming with Opportunities

With 7% of the world's swimming pools, Spain is the second-largest country in Europe, only behind France. There are currently 1.35 million swimming pools in Spain, including residential, public, and collective use.

2021 was a splendid year for the Spanish pool industry. According to the figures published by ASOFAP (Spanish Association of Swimming Pool Professionals), the average business grew by 10% in 2021, with turnover totaling nearly 1.4 billion Euros, while major manufacturers and distributors grew by as much as 25%.

Spain Swimming Pool Market: A Bright Future Brimming with Opportunities

New Pools Built at 30,000 in Spain, 5.2% more than in 2020

The pandemic has led to a surge in demand for the construction of pools, particularly those for private use, with 30,000 new units added, increased by 5.2% over 2020. New construction now accounted for 40% of the industry's primary business, renovation accounted for 26.3%, and pool maintenance for 33.7%.

Demand for Swimming Pools in Spain Will Be Sustained

ASOFAP expects the demand for swimming pools to continue to grow as more and more users place value on swimming pools and are willing to invest in them as assets related to health, well-being, and leisure.

In addition to the increasing demand for public and community swimming pools, private single-family use is where new construction sees the maximal upturn, especially travel and mobility constraints due to the pandemic. Having to spend more time at home has encouraged many families to invest in swimming pools - as long as they have a small space for a swimming pool.

Sustainability & Connectivity Drives Innovation

Clearly, the pool industry in Spain is in the midst of one of its most successful periods, with an expanding market that requires innovation and equipment to make aquatic facilities more sustainable, experiential and easier to maintain.

Heat pumps for swimming pools are one of the three product categories most in-demand in 2021, helping to extend the swimming season. The low energy consumption for swimming pools is the most important factor for more than half of users, followed by ease of maintenance, connectivity, and home automation. The user preference characteristics of sustainability and connectivity are already the main vectors driving the companies' innovation in the pool industry.

Fairland Innovations Empower 4 Season Fun from Swimming Pool to Outdoor Garden

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In the future, with the intelligent collaboration of the AI butler, the fully automatic outdoor life is coming. Fairland will bring out more exciting innovations to achieve the 4-season outdoor life and create maximum value for global partners and end-users.

* Source reference and data from ASOFAP (Spanish Association of Swimming Pool Professionals)

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