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What's the Difference between Inverter Heat Pump and On/Off Heat Pump?


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When you read the articles about the profile of swimming pool heat pump online, we can learn, nowadays, we actually have two main types of pool heat pump: On/Off heat pump and Inverter pool heat pump. As we known, the first On/Off heat pump from swimming pool heat pump manufacturer has been created about 60 years ago and later Inverter pool heat pump came up just a decade ago! Have you tried to use these two kinds of heat pump? Have you ever imagined what the difference is between On/Off and Inverter? All right, let’s see. We can find the answers in this article.

What’s On/Off heat pump and Inverter pool heat pump from swimming pool heat pump manufacturer?

For both categories, the running principle is similar: take heats (energy) from the air to transfer it to the hot water to the pool. Thus, the pool heat pump includes 3 major components:
a. evaporator
b. compressor
c. heat exchanger

Among these important parts, the compressor is the biggest difference between On/Off and Inverter pool heat pump. We can say, that INVERTER means a mode of operation of the compressor, which is quite similar to the notion of inverter technology in air conditioner.

When increasing the difference measured between the setting temperature and the current water temperature, the control system designed by swimming pool heat pump manufacture begins to react by accelerating the compressor speed, which adapts perfectly to the heating status of pool heat pump. As a result, the Inverter pool heat pump thus allows a speed variation of the compressor with high efficiency while the On/Off hp always remaining 100% heating capacity during operation - that means the Inverter hp restores almost 4 to 6 times more energy that it does consume!

Hereby is the difference of performance for a pool heat pump (which is measured by its COP: coefficient of performance), among On/Off hp, Inverter hp and Full-inverter hp:

PAC Inverter includes two types: Step Inverter and Full-inverter.

The Full-inverter technology developed by swimming pool heat pump manufacturers offer the best performance with unique Full-inverter control system, which is able to adjust the compressor and the fan operation to the nearest percentage (the compressor runs hertz by hertz and the fan round by round), while the Step Inverter has some intensity levels (it has normally 2 to 5 levels) because only the compressor is able to change the speed and there is only one speed (On or Off mode) for the fan. Thus, Full-inverter allows the best performance than the Step Inverter, because of the higher COP, stability, and much more energy efficiency.

If you are interested in Full-inverter products, we suggest to visit Unique Technology to learn more about Full-inverter technology.

By Laurence Zheng

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