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New GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ Titles - Fairland’s Robotic Pool Cleaner Marks the World’s Longest Duration


It is probably the first world record of the robotic pool cleaner industry. Fairland’s latest pool robot (prototype) smashed the endurance performance by over 40 continual working hours.

That’s no typical feature when people had no choice but traditional wired pool robots. With the new wave of wireless experiences in the household, pool cleaners are advancing to de-cabling and self-pilot with increasing popularity among end-users worldwide.

This time, the latest record-breaking type of X-Warrior lineup reveals its talents in ultra-long endurance in the challenge of GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™. Fairland’s X-Warrior is powered by Full-inverter tech, which originated from the innovation of the pool heat pump, now integrated into the application of pool robots.

Taking the art of Full-inverter tech and exclusive hypercar design, the X-Warrior features up to 20 hours of endurance, which is about to hit the market with a new mark of the pool robotic cleaner industry.

Experience 20 Hours of Endurance

The world-record-breaking pool tech has been nothing short of amazing when encouraging such an innovative style of pool maintenance that users can hardly go back to the old days of cleaning pools.

  • Naptime Pool Clean with Double Coverage Efficiency
Enjoy a nap before a quick backyard party, since the X-Warrior will get the pool ready in the shortest time possible. Users can simply drop the robot into the pool and it takes care of the rest. X-Warrior pool robots will make all preparations to ensure that the guests will be impressed with the sparkling clean pool.

Not only it is convenient, but it’s also efficient. Depending on the size of the pool and the amount of debris, pool cleaners may cost users 1-2 hours to clean the average pool, during which users can not focus on other things. The intelligent new type has reduced that to 20 minutes approximately with a planned 3D S path. The X-warrior will clean every inch of the pool, including the walls, floor and waterline, doubling the coverage in every cleaning cycle.

  • Care-free Vacations with AI Timer
How can pool owners order the pool cleaner to dedicate himself to his duty in the pool if there is no one home?

The up to 20 hours of endurance brings that into reality. Users are allowed to indulge in their vacations without worrying about the absence of routine pool maintenance. X-Warrior can restart itself regularly to ensure continual cleaning for weeks. Whether users are at home or not, the pool cleaning will be fulfilled as usual.

The unique operating philosophy determined by Full-inverter algorithms helps make it possible. The pool robot works coordinatively by itself like an AI warrior, with the 3 built-in motors adjusting the power, the gyro and sensors assisting in optimizing directions and positions. The central Full-inverter system will ensure that every output is precisely aligned with the change of debris and the underwater environment.

New fashion goes with the 20-hour endurance of wireless pool cleaning. X-Warrior pool robots are driving a rising trend to make users truly effortless while keeping pools always in the best time for enjoyment through regular automatic cleaning, whether after a short nap or long vacation.

Non-Stop Breakthroughs with All Partners

The pool robotic cleaner has been one of the indispensable parts of the iGarden landscape, a key to revolutionizing users’ thoughts and ways of automatic pool maintenance. It is non-stop innovation of the whole industry that can open up the full potential of iGarden.

In the PWB, Fairland was delighted to present the limitless possibilities of the new sector and hopes the honor of new GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ Titles to be the engine. In the ecosystem that iGarden is pursuing, any challenge beyond the limits depends on the effort of all partners, while all players are all partners. As there are more challenges to be fulfilled in iGarden solutions to make outdoor life green and fun, more players emerge to be involved in the promising market, bringing the value of technological advances back to everyone’s life.

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