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Why iGarden?A New Awakening Industry Beyond Limits


The X20 pool heat pump, featuring COP20 with TurboSilence 20 inverter technology, has been a showstopper since Piscine Global Europe in Lyon last year. It is going to attract more attention for another unlimited potential – connectivity to the latest iGarden Green Management System and Solar Storage System this month at Piscina & Wellness Barcelona 2023.
Besides, the family of X20 pool robots will come on the stage this time to illustrate the all-new iGarden solution. In an era when your backyard living is electrified and automated, the pool system goes one step ahead.

iGarden 2024 New Highlights: Energy-saving, Intelligent, New Energy

Come back to a utopian day spent in your courtyard pictured by the iGarden:

When you take a nap at the poolside, the robots and appliances proactively manage the water temperature and quality seamlessly. There are no manual labor costs needed, nor unfriendly consumption or waste. The whole system always operates at the best state, eco and efficient.

The swimming pool represents the outdoor fun that is evolving with tech innovations. The simple one-click control can keep your private oasis well-managed wherever and whenever you are. All the enjoyment will rely on 100% green energy shortly.

Technology Beyond Limits

That is exactly what makes the iGarden experience exclusive and engaging. Outdoor technology has been and will continue to transform the paradigm of outdoor appliances much faster than ever.

Redefining the pool heat pump performance by the original full-inverter technology and Turbosilence technology, and the latest TurboSilence 20 inverter tech is the core of the newlty launched COP20 inverter pool pool heat pump.

The inverter technology creates innovative ways to reinvent the power efficiency of outdoor appliances through adaptive power consumption and inter-coordinated motor control based on Fairland’s self-developed algorithms. When it comes to more outdoor appliances like pool robots, pumps, or other devices, users can save power more smartly and systematically than ever.

The Full-inverter powered X20 pool robot has already achieved up to 20 hours of endurance. It is expected to beat the higher record at the World Record challenge, waiting to be uncovered at the Piscina & Wellness Barcelona.

Quality Beyond Expectations

It’s technology beyond limits that can drive quality and service beyond.

The pool pump manufactured by Fairland a decade ago was still in active service, while the inverter pool heat pumps were designed to be beyond the limit of durability. Applying an advanced principle, completely different from the traditional one, the inverter pool heat pump ensures long-lasting operation and warranty of its components.

The ultimate quality and continual services are not mutually exclusive but rather complementary. Fairland persists in customer experience throughout the early model tests, manufacturing, QC sessions, and after-sale tech support.

The BEYOND LIMIT spirit signifies the unique technologies of Fairland’s iGarden appliances and our commitment to sustainable growth with all partners. Fairland set up a 2-year 0.2% failure rate target for all iGarden products at the beginning of the 2024 fiscal year. In other words, the technology, quality, and services beyond limits mean everything.

Fairland - Aiming to be Utopia for All iGarden Partners.

Being BEYOND LIMIT not only requires exclusive cutting-edge technologies but also the engagement of more players inspiring the industry with joint effort.

As redefining the roles and functions of traditional outdoor machines, Fairland’s tech innovation embodies the key values of ‘All Green All Partner’, a philosophy that underscores our collaborations and innovations among 120 countries.

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