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40-Year Best Potential Market Unveiled: All Green iGarden


During a groundbreaking showcase at Piscina & Wellness Barcelona, Fairland's Group has captivated the industry, achieving dual GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ titles centered around the pivotal number '40.' Notably, the robotic pool cleaner's exceptional 40-hour endurance and the inverter pool pump's impressive 40-fold silent performance at just 25.57 dB(A) have stirred considerable attention.

40-Year Ahead: Pioneering iGarden Electrification

With Aquark and Aquagem partnering with Fairland, the consortium unveils an initial iGarden solution, integrating solar energy, central control, smart pools, and outdoor robotics. These collaborative innovations and achievements beyond limits spark industry discussions about iGarden's potential.

In the past 40 years, the initiation of indoor electrification has created a modern and enjoyable indoor living experience characterized by rapid growth. Looking ahead, the next four decades are positioned to rapidly expand electrification to the outdoors, promising significantly greater benefits for users and businesses.

iGarden emerges as the most promising industry for the upcoming 40 years, where outdoor electrification may seamlessly integrate green technology, AIoT, and outdoor robotics. Driven by an unwavering commitment to environmental sustainability, the goal is to reshape our lives by introducing advancements in outdoor entertainment, health, and various lifestyle upgrades.

400 Million iGarden Ahead: All Players are All Partners

With outdoor electrification confirmed, the prospects in the pool industry extend beyond 40 million smart pools to 400 million intelligent gardens. This monumental opportunity stands as the best chance for the next 40 years to bring new Fortune Global 500 companies.

Innovation and partnership beyond limits are the keys to unlocking the visionary 400 million iGarden landscape. An open ecosystem and collaborative synergy pave the way for an idealized vision of 4-Season fun outdoor living.

In this landscape, all players are all partners, uniting for the collective advancement of iGarden.

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