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A World Record in Pool Heating Efficiency: Fairland’s TurboSilence Tech Reaches a New Level


On March 25th, the leading pool heat pump manufacturer – Fairland made a new achievement in energy efficiency. Its latest inverter tech innovation breaks the limit of COP 39, earning recognition from GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ as the most energy-efficient pool heating method.

The testing prototype holds the record title for the most energy-saving pool pump (prototype) globally, showcasing the potential of TurboSilence inverter technology for future innovations.

This achievement underscores the ongoing evolution in pool heat pump development towards greater energy efficiency.

Fairland has been at the forefront of integrating Full-inverter technology into pool heat pump research and development for over a decade. This technology has since become the standard in the market, experiencing considerable growth driven by continuous improvements in design and increasing market demand.

The introduction of Fairland's TurboSilence technology further revolutionized the market, boasting a COP 16 rating initially and later advancing to COP 20 with the launch of the X20 pool heat pump at the Piscine Global 2022 show in Lyon.

X20 Inverter Pool Heat Pump (TurboSilence Tech)

Now, with the achievement of COP 39, Fairland demonstrates its technical prowess once again, propelling progress towards a more sustainable future with its All Green iGarden initiative.

A green and intelligent outdoor industry sector defined by iGarden thrives on clean energy and efficiency. In the long run, energy-saving tech products will be winning in the market.

Fairland's COP 39 pool heat pump has the potential to significantly reduce carbon emissions, aligned with its commitment to sustainability.

By embracing intelligent breakthroughs and designs, the innovative Fairland makes the vision of ‘All Green, All Partner’ increasingly exciting and anticipated.
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