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Why Robotic Pool Cleaners Are the Best Investment (2024 Guide)


Clean water is vital to the safety and enjoyment of your swimming pool. Thankfully, advancements in technology have brought a game changer to the field of pool maintenance - robotic pool cleaners.

As technology advances, so does the cleaning potential offered by robotic pool cleaners. Today, the technology used in pool cleaning robots is rapidly maturing. Robotic pool cleaners accomplish routine pool cleaning tasks faster and more energy-efficient. Intelligent and automated robotic pool cleaners are even taking cleaning pools to a whole new level, making the long-term performance of robotic pool cleaners even more remarkable.

Why Robotic Pool Cleaners Are the Best Investment? (4 Reasons)

In short, there are four main areas: wireless, artificial intelligence, cost savings, and long battery life.

1. Pool Cleaning Robots Free Themselves from Wire Worries

Traditionally, handheld cleaning devices could not get rid of manual labor, while wired pool cleaning robots faced safety issues due to insufficient power outlets, tangled cables, long cables due to increased dive depths, etc. These days, advances in technology are propelling the category of pool cleaning robots towards cordless and lighter weight. Many of the newer robotic pool cleaners are wireless for added flexibility and ease of use. Pool owners don't need to worry about cord tangles or kinks. All it takes is a few hours of charging and then dropping the robot in the pool to perform its cleaning tasks, making everything more convenient and safer.

2. Pool Cleaning Robot Combines Artificial Intelligence for Better User Experience

Smartening up is the new direction for pool cleaning robots, thanks to technological developments. With sensors and mapping technology, many pool cleaning robots enable more efficient all-around cleaning through automated path planning to ensure they hit every section without supervision. What's more, some robotic pool cleaners come with compatible smartphone apps that you can use to schedule cleaning times and perform focused area cleaning. These features boost the intelligence and user experience of robotic pool cleaners and meet the needs of different users.

3. Pool Cleaning Robot Saves on Energy Costs

Intelligent pool cleaning robot design focuses on energy efficiency. The advanced technology applied in pool cleaning robots not only cleans pools thoroughly and quickly but is also highly energy efficient, requiring less power for operation. It makes them environment-friendly and can translate into energy savings in the long run while still enjoying the superior cleaning power of pool robots.

4. Pool Cleaning Robot with Long Endurance Makes Cleaning Pools More Hassle-Free

No one wants to buy a pool cleaning robot device that drains its battery within the first 10 to 15 minutes of cleaning. Nor does anyone want to invest in a pool cleaning robot requiring recharging all the time. Pool cleaning robots with fast charging and battery life of at least days, weeks, or even longer are the most in-demand AI products in the pool maintenance category.

Long endurance implies a convenient user experience. The intelligent robotic pool cleaners with long battery life can easily handle daily, heavy, and short-term unsupervised pool cleaning. They automatically plan routes depending on the environment and friction to achieve higher power and coverage efficiency. Most vitally, it reduces the loss caused by frequent charging and discharging, prolonging the service life of the robotic pool cleaner and allowing you to use it sustainably.

Ultra-long Duration of over 40 Hours Creates a Revolutionary Experience for Robotic Pool Cleaners

At Piscina & Wellness Barcelona 2023, Fairland, one of the key players in outdoor robotics and pool devices, exhibited a wireless pool robot cleaner (prototype) that smashed the endurance performance by over 40 continual working hours. It was officially recognized by the Guinness World Records™ as the "Longest Running Wireless Pool Cleaning Robot" and witnessed by industry experts, the media, and Fairland's business partners at home and abroad. Fairland's new model of pool cleaning robot (prototype) can operate for more than 40 hours without recharging. This increase in battery life is a leap forward for both the industry and users, marking the beginning of a new and highly imaginative pool cleaning experience.

In addition, the Fairland X-Warrior pool cleaning robots also perform well in terms of endurance and cleaning ability. The X-Warrior robotic pool cleaner with Full-inverter technology utilizes the benefits of extended battery life to change the conventional steps of pool cleaning. One of the key improvements over wired pool cleaning robots is the unplugging of cords and an optimized combination of technology and hardware that allows the X-Warrior robotic pool cleaner to complete pool cleaning with minimal power.

Thanks to the Fairland original Full-inverter technology and self-developed 3D-S Path, the X-Warrior pool cleaning robot recognizes different pool environments to accurately adjust the inside DC-Inverter motors under the precise control of advanced algorithms.

When there is more debris, requiring wall climbing and obstacle avoidance, or when the pool surface becomes rougher, the X-warrior will adjust the speed of the motors accordingly to achieve the optimal suction power to ensure the best possible cleaning results while conserving energy. The X-warrior will adapt within a power range of 20%-100%, resulting in an average power consumption of less than 50% during the cleaning process. With an extended battery life of up to 10 hours per charge, the X-warrior delivers the maximum duration and life span than ever.

Final Words: Robotic Pool Cleaners with Long Endurance Are the Best Investment

While there are several ways to clean your pool, robotic pool cleaners are the most effective and efficient option on the market. If you want to make your money worthwhile with your pool cleaning robot, Fairland X-Warrior robotic pool cleaners with long endurance of up to 10 hours are the perfect pool maintenance partner. Equipped with Full-inverter technology and the 3D-S cleaning path, the X-Warrior pool cleaning robot independently adjusts the suction power to plan the cleaning path without manual intervention. If you need more information about the AI-Wireless robotic pool cleaner with long duration, please send your email inquiries to

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