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How Often Should I Use Pool Robot?


A swimming pool robot cleaner is a self-cleaning device that works on electricity, making it the perfect tool for establishing a regular cleaning schedule. Increasingly, pool owners are embracing the convenience of robotic pool cleaners with the perfect combination of AI technology; and robotic pool cleaners are becoming much more powerful. So far, robotic pool cleaners are the most cost-effective, easiest, and fastest way to clean all kinds of dirt and keep the pool algae-free. But how often should you run a pool robot? And how long should it be? To help you get the most use out of your pool robot, we will show you how to operate it properly in this helpful guide.

Is It Bad To Leave A Pool Robot In The Pool?

After each use, we advise removing the robotic pool cleaner from the pool, rinsing it thoroughly, and storing it in a shaded cool area. Empty the filter after the pool robot finishes cleaning in preparation for the next cleaning task.

How Often Should I Use Pool Robot?

It mainly depends on how often you use your pool. In principle, the more often you use the pool, the more frequently you should run the robotic pool cleaner. Ideally, if you swim in your pool regularly, you should run your robotic pool cleaner at least once daily. However, if you don't swim in your pool often, run it at least once a week or every two weeks.

Next, take local weather conditions into account. We should use the robotic pool cleaner more frequently in hotter climates because the water in the pool contains more bacteria. As the amount of bacteria in the pool water decreases in colder climates, we can run the robotic pool cleaner less frequently.

Finally, how long you use the pool cover will determine how frequently you should run a pool robot. If you cover your swimming pool during the winter, you might only need to clean it once a month. If you use the pool for a few hours a day during the summer and keep the cover on the rest of the time, you should use the robotic pool cleaner at least twice a week.

We have created the table below as a reference sheet to help you better schedule your robotic pool cleaner for cleaning. It will ensure you remove all debris promptly and avoid buildup.

Pool utilization (consider with local climate)

How often to run a robotic pool cleaner

How often do you use the pool?

Using the pool frequently / During peak summer months

Daily Cleaning

Once a day or every other day (depending on how much debris is in the pool)

Using the pool less frequently / During cooler months

Weekly Cleaning

Once a week or every two weeks

How long do you use the pool cover?

In summer, the pool cover is on for all but a few hours each day when using the pool

Weekly Cleaning

At least twice a week

In winter, the pool cover is  always on

Monthly Cleaning

Once a month

How Long Should I Run My Pool Robot?

A robotic pool cleaner can typically clean an average-sized pool in about two to four hours. However, some high-end pool robots have intelligent scheduling features that let you set up automatic cleaning cycles and can automatically run on the most effective cleaning path, allowing for a shorter cleaning time. One example is the X-Warrior developed by Fairland, a cordless pool robot cleaner with an AI mode that provides a sufficient cleaning routine without human presence. For instance, X-Warrior can finish cleaning a four-by-eight-meter liner pool in 40 minutes, including the floor, walls, and waterline.

X-Warrior wireless pool robot introduces a first-of-its-kind 3D-S cleaning path with automation of location adjustments, anti-bump, and 90° turning. The X-Warrior cordless pool robot can recognize actual working conditions thanks to its "1 Gyro + 6 Sensors" spatial detecting and computing system, which determines the location and direction of the robot in real time. Benefiting from this double whammy, X-Warrior ensures the most efficient cleaning path in any case. With ultra-long 10 hours of endurance and selectable cleaning cycles for routine cleaning, X-Warrior allows pool owners to enjoy a maintenance-free vacation with less cleaning time and a crystal-clear pool.

Final Words

A robotic pool cleaner is the best investment for your pool, utilizing artificial intelligence technology to complete the entire cleaning process. Fairland's latest generation of robotic pool cleaners, the X-Warrior, are more efficient and reliable. Applying the original Full-inverter technology for unparallel cleaning efficiency, the X-Warrior cordless robotic pool cleaner removes debris with double coverage efficiency in 10 hours of 3D-S cleaning path, eliminating most of the physical and manual work. You can also select an AI mode and customize the cleaning cycles to meet specific cleaning needs. For more information about the 10 Hours Pool Robot, contact Team Fairland at

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