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5 Prevailing Trends of Deluxe Home Pool Design Ideas in 2021

This article is contributed by swimming pool heater manufacturer, Fairland Group Limited. Significant changes have occurred in backyard pool design over these years. Today, many homeowners are seeking to build pools in backyard modeled on those at upscale resorts. But there are no specific guidelines for deluxe pool design. The vision for a deluxe pool depends on the homeowner's personality and preference. Here are the five prevailing ‘must-have’ features and amenities for the most deluxe home swimming pools ideas in 2021.

Seamless infinity backyard pool design enhances the outdoor living experience

To be visually compelling is a must for the design of a high-end deluxe pool. A seamless infinity pool is the epitome of luxury. If your backyard overlooks a spectacular view, adding a seamless infinity pool is no better way to enhance the outdoor living experience. Or you can consider making a perimeter overflow to create a no-boundary effect on all sides of the pool.

Transparent pool walls keep prevailing

Even in 2021, transparent pool walls continue to be one of the most prevailing pool trends. They are mostly made of acrylic, as it is lighter, more durable, and has higher impact resistance. By creating an extraordinary and stunning view, transparent pool walls are ideal for deluxe homes with a minimalist edge.

Integrated waterfall builds private backyard paradise

For backyard pool ideas, if you are seeking a private backyard paradise, building an integrated waterfall into your swimming pool is a perfect idea. Not only does the sound of trickling water quiet the surrounding noise, but the waterfall also becomes an eye-catching view in your backyard.

Mosaic-style tiles were never out of vogue

Natural stone, ceramic, and glass are three common options for the tilework of swimming pools. But in 2021, as color and texture is something that is very popular, iridescent, mosaic, and Moroccan become some of the most prevailing options. Particularly mosaic-style tiles, it seems never out of vogue, as it was a sign of luxury even in spas of ancient times.

Smart tech brings maximum swimming fun-swimming pool heat pump

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