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A Challenging 2020, An Inspiring 2021

Time has wings, the coming 2021 says goodbye to fruitful 2020 and welcomes to the diversity of great future. Here we'd like to joyfully take a moment to sum up Fairland’s 2020 by three keywords.
A Challenging 2020, An Inspiring 2021 - Fairland Inverter Pool Heating Solution

Keyword: Innovative Technology

As the pioneer in swimming pool heat pump industry, Fairland encourages a brand spirit of tech-innovation and creativity. In 2020, we made a significant breakthrough in the development of TurboSilence® inverter technology, combining Turbo and Silence, making it quieter when it's more powerful than ever before. Powered by TurboSilence®, the INVERX series unveiled in March 2020 was favorably received by the world market. With quieter, smarter and more energy-efficient performance, INVERX greatly improves swimming experience and extends the swimming season to meet customers' need. Exciting developments keep coming more in the near future with all-out effort and commitment thrown into this promising career by our professional team.

Keyword: Ultimate Service

To provide ultimate customer experience, which is the core spirit of Fairland, we are on our way of perfecting a global strategy to establish local after-sales support. The completion of our first service center in Montpellier France in 2020 marked a milestone of Fairland. Besides, an intelligent IOT system working as an on-line after-sale center was built, contributing to improve long-term service experience. Customer's satisfaction is the first priority, we will continue to add value to our services.

Keyword: Enterprising Development

With firm support and confidently trust of all our partners in the past years, Fairland is proud to announce a new group structure. Fairland Group are delighted that we witnessed the giant step forward of our partners as well as ourselves. We are also in great honor to further drive the global swimming pool industry economic and contribute to people's change for healthy outdoor lifestyle.

As the saying goes, the past shapes the present. 2020 is a year of exploring and forging for Fairland. Fairland will keep invest in innovation and technological development. Every crisis creates new opportunities and winners, the future belongs to those who strive for the best.

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