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A Million Boost Is Approaching the Pool Heat Pump Market


The passion for swimming never dims over the seasons. Heated pools make this summer-limited activity the 4-season popularity. However, unsustainable effects become increasingly prominent in traditional heating methods. Energy-intensive heating is officially banned in France this winter, but the pool spots are still crowded.

Jumping into cozy water in any season has always been the mission of the innovative pool heat pump industry. The evolving COP encourages users to enjoy extended swimming seasons in a more energy-efficient way.

Since the presence of Full-inverter technology, the pool heat pump market has grown by 5 times in the past 6 years and will continue to hit higher. The whole industry is transforming to be high-value-added. As the creator of Full-inverter technology, Fairland inverter heat pump for swimming pool increase the COP by 4 to 5 times compared with the traditional on/off ones. The market scale is estimated to reach an annual average of 600,000 units to date. And it will soon hit 1 million, according to the professionals.

The latest COP20 pool heat pump presented in PISCINE GLOBAL EUROPE 2022 boosts confidence. Fairland's INVERX20 was in the spotlight and inspired the imagination again. With the unprecedented 20-time energy saving, enjoying 4-season fun in cozy water becomes much more sustainable than ever. It cheers the business up that the inverter technology always finds its way to create industry value and refresh user experience. European clients marveled that “the TurboSilence Full-inverter technology was already shocking in the previous generation, and the new upgrade makes us more confident in the future cooperation.”

A million boost is visible. What's more, the 20-time saving pool heat pump can be powered by renewable solar energy in the solution of Fairland 20x Saving iGarden. Sharing free outdoor swimming time with families in all seasons makes everyone excited.

"Fairland always brings us innovation and uniqueness, like the Apple in the pool industry.” said one of the visitors. Technology-driven companies, a pool heat pump factory, that are expected to add more value to both the market and end-user experience are always essential for an industry. A technology value-added future for the industry is around the corner and needs our joint efforts.

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