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All Racing iGarden: With World-Class Innovations Behind and All Players Pushing Beyond


iGarden stole the spotlight during the PWB 2023, as Fairland Group, the visionary manufacturer, proudly announced dual GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ for its latest tech innovations.
The unprecedented 40hour endurance of robotic pool cleaners and 40x silence of pool pumps (by its strategic partner brand Aquagem) are just the tip of the iceberg of iGarden. The burgeoning industry anticipates meeting and leading the surging need for a total solution to future outdoor life in terms of green management system, outdoor robotics, energy-saving electrifications, and the green energy supply.

2023 Recap: All Racing to Green Outdoor Living

The pool and garden market is following the global trend of going green. To reduce carbon emissions on a planetary scale, electrifying the economy is crucial. Courtyard electrification has become increasingly valuable in the pool and garden industry, much like the significance of electric vehicles in the automobile industry.

  • Racing To One Vision

The world-class show staged in PWB 2023 proves the trend that energy-saving intelligence for pool experience will dominate the market in the long run, and that is where all industry players are making an all-out effort.

Sustainability draws the main protagonist while intelligent management and connectivity allies in achieving that goal. 80% of the novelties in the Innovation Zone, the ‘product of the year’ gallery proposed by the official committee, are upgraded with IoT functionality. Global players, such as Fluidra, Hayward, BSPOOL, Psicontrol, and Fairland Group with its partner brands, have concurrently launched platform products with intelligent management features.

It’s also the highlight of iGarden that the AIoT-aided central control elevates energy-saving pool appliances and backyard experiences for a more dynamic market and sustainable future. Fairland Group and its partner brands occupied 6 seats in the Innovation Zone, with 3 finalists in the Sustainability Category of the Innovative Product Award. The ‘Connectivity’ category was also introduced in the product innovation award this year and was won by Fluidra’s pool pump.

  • Regulations Pave the Way
Innovations in pool technologies and products have emerged wherever smart and sustainable outdoor experiences happen for years. For private swimming pools, regulations and standards become more mature than ever, calling for practical ways of energy reduction and less impact by water usage and chemical treatment.

2023 marked the first year of implementation of the new EN 17645 standard for private swimming pool classifications, which built a healthy method and sight to urge every manufacturer and supplier to re-evaluate the environmental performance efficiency of their electrified outdoor products. The first European environmental standard for private swimming pools will further increase energy awareness and encourage more involved players to act responsibly. Technologies and products that save energy and water will continue their domination with intelligence forces.

It’s just so exciting to see all players in pursuit of outperformance and commitment regarding what iGarden advocates and strives for. For Fairland, it’s an unprecedented feeling of inspiration to embrace a group of new allies to persist in the iGarden vision, who are exactly all players in the industry.

2024 Spotlight: Best Energy-Saving Electrification Through iGarden

Nothing can be better than the deep investments in Full-inverter technology and AIoT development to underscore Fairland’s initial to empower the outdoor industry and life. With the entitlement of the new world records, Full-inverter tech earned its triple kill.

Now Full-Inverter tech is integrated into various applications everywhere in the iGarden green management system, ensuring that all the electrified outdoor appliances stick to the energy-saving principle automatically and interactively.

When it comes to the best energy-saving outdoor electrification, the iGarden stands out as a strong contender. This is evident in the pioneering COP 20 pool heat pump, which showcases the environmentally friendly solutions offered by the system.

  • All Green: Maximum Efficiency, Minimum Consumption

X20’s TurboSilence 20 tech pushes the boundaries of the Full-inverter system to realize 20kW heat output on every 1 kW power input backed with the unique mechanism design and 3D heat exchanging tech.

For wireless robotic pool cleaners, the AI-Wireless tech incorporates the Full-inverter philosophy to contribute to the world-class success in the Guinness World Record Challenge from the R&D side. All efforts make the new X-Warrior Pro with 20 hours of endurance available soon in the market. The pool robot is powered to perform the best battery efficiency while consuming the least energy in intelligent cleaning, with one charge for almost one month working automatically.

  • All Partner: Partnering All Energy-saving Intelligence

The iGarden green management system and its user-side central control address the last mile of people’s action to live low-carbon. As one of the most essential parts of iGarden robotics development, the AIoT central control can preprogram the networking procedures of every connected pool device in the best energy-saving and smoothest way. The whole system is docked to the INVERX Solar Energy Storage System to use the renewable solar power supply.

The fundamental Full-inverter tech undoubtedly amplifies the collaborative efficiency of interconnection and automation when more flexible commands and monitoring are permitted. Not only the temperature, quality, chlorine content, and salinity of water, but also the real-time power consumption reading, circulation flow and times, and backwash states are visible within a smart pad and your phone App.

The industry booms as innovations will. Users are welcome to imagine more about iGarden. It’s an open system designed for extendibility for multifunctional kits or gadgets for entertaining and landscaping.

It seems clear that 2024 is doomed to centre around innovations facilitating outdoor electrification. With intelligence for better energy saving carve the light, iGarden is positive to be both arena and gallery where all players are partnering their wisdom and results. The iGarden industry will be the incubator full of upstarts listed in Fortune Global 500 companies and a market of 400 million gardens promisingly.

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