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Do Heat Pumps Save Money?


When it comes to pool heating, many people opt for pool heat pumps with inverters. Inverter pool heat pumps can make the swimming pool more sustainable while increasing energy efficiency and decreasing pool energy costs, which is why inverter pool heat pumps are so popular with consumers. However, do pool heat pumps really save money? And how much can a heat pump save you? Today, we will go over all the details below by explaining why inverter technology can improve heat pump efficiency and realize heat pump cost savings.

What Is An Inverter Pool Heat Pump?

Inverter pool heat pumps are those heat pumps with intelligent inverter systems that can operate at various speeds. The inverter-driven variable speed compressor allows the pool heat pump to start at full speed and then slow down to maintain temperature or start slowly and speed up as the ambient temperature changes. From temperature and operating conditions analysis, inverter pool heat pumps can adjust heat output to maximize pool heating efficiency and pool water comfort.

What Is The Difference Between An Inverter And Non-inverter Pool Heat Pump?

The difference between inverter and non-inverter pool heat pumps lies in how they deliver the energy needed from the heat pump to meet your pool heating needs.

Inverter pool heat pumps utilize a variable-speed compressor that adjusts the output capacity based on changes in the outdoor air temperature. When the heat demand of the pool is low, inverter pool heat pumps reduce the output capacity, thus decreasing electricity consumption and the start cycles.

Whereas non-inverter pool heat pumps, also known as on/off heat pumps, operate by continuously being turned on or off. Due to the inability to control the energy output under actual working conditions, non-inverter pool heat pumps can only operate at 100% power all the time to meet the heating demand, which is far less efficient than inverter pool heat pumps.

How Much Money Does A Heat Pump Save?

According to data published by the IEA, the economic proposition of heat pumps has improved amidst today's skyrocketing energy prices: Households in the United States can save up to USD 300 per year, and European households can save up to USD 900 per year. Powered by low-emission electricity, heat pumps are the central technology in the global transition to secure and sustainable heating. In recent years, the COP value has increased with advances in heat pump technology, making inverter pool heat pumps even better in terms of efficiency and energy savings, allowing homes with heat pumps to spend less on energy costs and minimize their carbon footprint. By 2030, as IEA predicts, heat pumps could reduce global CO2 emissions by half a gigatonne.

Why Do Inverter Pool Heat Pumps Consume Less Electricity?

Because the low electricity consumption of an inverter pool heat pump has to do with its compressor and fan motor, the two-speed compressor enables the inverter pool heat pump to operate with near-desired heating capacity at any outdoor temperature, saving energy by reducing on/off operation. And the variable-speed controls for the fan can keep the air moving at a comfortable velocity, minimizing cold drafts and maximizing pool energy savings. The TurboSilence® Full-inverter technology developed by Fairland is another advance in heat pump technology. The latest X20 inverter pool heat pump is a prime example of the developments, taking pool heat pumps to a new level of performance - with a coefficient of performance of 20(COP20).

Fairland's X20 inverter pool heat pump for pool is an innovative product that combines fast heating with energy efficient operation. Powered by Fairland's self-developed control system, it perfectly matches the inverter-compressor and extreme 3D heat-exchanging technology. The unique technology can intelligently optimize the gas flow rate to maximize COP performance and redefines titanium heat exchangers to increase the 30% exchanging area and improve efficiency. Based on user demand, Fairland innovatively introduced the "120% Fast Heating" function in the X20 inverter pool heat pump, which solves the urgent need of users to shorten the initial heating time. By upgrading the algorithm of the core control system of the pool heat pump, Fairland has brought the upgraded experience to end users with 20 times energy saving and 20 times quieter.

Final Words: Do Pool Heat Pumps Really Money Save?

Yes, and inverter pool heat pumps save even more money because they can maximize the conversion of electricity into heating. The X20, Fairland's newest inverter pool heat pump, converts up to 1 kWh of electricity into 20 kWh of heat. As the TurboSilence Full-inverter control system adopts precise energy consumption solutions, the X20 achieves up to 20 times more energy savings, resulting in even higher heat pump savings in the long run. Since its founding, Fairland has been very conscious of the ultimate user experience, and word-of-mouth and innovation continue to drive its rapid growth in energy efficiency performance. Welcome to visit Team Fairland at Piscina & Wellness Barcelona, one of the most international swimming pool and wellness events, from 27-30 Nov 2023. Join to discover more about how much you can save with the INVERX20 heat pump. See you there in Hall 2, D72.

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