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Do Pool Robots Map The Pool

Robotic pool cleaners are advanced devices that simplify pool maintenance tasks, making the ever-tedious pool cleaning job more efficient and hassle-free. These innovative devices autonomously navigate the pool surface, collecting debris and wiping dirt. But how do they manage to do this? In this article, we will delve into the inner workings of robotic pool cleaners and help you choose the best pool robot for your needs.

Do Pool Robots Map the Pool?

Generally, robots with pool scanning software can map and develop appropriate cleaning paths like home cleaning robots. It allows the pool robot to map out the best cleaning path without missing any spots, ensuring coverage across the pool.

Do Robotic Pool Cleaners Have Smart Navigation?

You bet you do. Smart navigation is a typical feature of in-ground robotic pool cleaners, increasing cleaning efficiency and reducing cleaning time. The intelligent navigation system guides the pool robot to recognize direction and location and works with powerful motors to deliver optimal cleaning performance.

Intelligent Navigation

The navigation system is one of the most crucial features of the robotic pool cleaner. Any unusual obstacles can pose a challenge for pool robots. Gyroscopes and sensors play a vital part in enabling the intelligent navigation of pool robots, allowing them to develop the most efficient cleaning path for the pool.
Gyroscope. The gyroscope in a robotic pool cleaner controls position, direction, and rotation. It sends constant precise information to the microprocessor for excellent cleaning coverage, wall climbing, and waterline cleaning. The gyroscope ensures pool robot remains stable and correctly oriented even on curved surfaces.
Sensors. Robotic pool cleaners primarily use infrared sensors to detect walls, stairs, and other obstacles, enabling the pool robot to adapt its path accordingly. Some higher-end wireless pool robots feature water out sensors as Fairland's X-Warrior. When it detects water coming out, the X-Warrior pool robot will be under the control of the algorithm to stop climbing the wall and start brushing the waterline.

Powerful Motors

The motor is one of the vital components of a robotic pool cleaner for powering the cleaner to navigate and operate efficiently. Some high-end pool robots incorporate inverter technology in their electrical control system, as exemplified by Fairland's newest X-Warrior AI-Wireless pool robot, which intelligently coordinates three DC motors for unparalleled cleaning efficiency. Its core inverter system allows the robot to run from 20%~100% and keep an average 50% operation capacity, providing pool owners with the lowest energy costs, extended lifespan, and less manual maintenance. Benefiting from Fairland's original Full-inverter technology, the X-Warrior cordless pool robot can last up to 10 hours and cover up to 2 weeks of cleaning on one charge. Additionally, the X-Warrior features adaptive operation for filtering, scrubbing, and moving, making it the perfect choice for scenarios where powerful suction and energy-efficient daily cleaning are required.

How Do Pool Robots Navigate?

Robotic pool cleaners typically clean pools comprehensively in crisscrosses, spirals, and along walls. Advanced sensors and algorithms map the pool's dimensions and layout for thorough coverage and efficient cleaning. Fairland's latest X-Warrior cordless pool robots are even better. When in the pool, the X-Warrior does not move randomly but detects the pool environment through sensors and then lays out the optimal 3D-S cleaning path. Combining 1 Gyro+6 Sensors and self-developed algorithms, X-Warrior's spatial detection and computation, as well as its instant analysis and command capabilities, are exceptional. The wireless pool robot learns its real-time location and direction to recognize the actual working conditions, automatically adjusting its position in any case, avoiding bumps, and making 90° turns to ensure the most efficient cleaning path. Thanks to the first-of-its-kind 3D-S cleaning path developed by Fairland, the X-Warrior has refined the best robotic pool cleaner navigation system in the industry to plan the most efficient cleaning path.

These videos are shared by Fairland's partners expressing their praise for the X-Warrior AI-Wireless Pool Robot, particularly the impressive "3D S cleaning path" and high-efficiency cleaning performance.

The highly efficient cleaning performance and "3D S cleaning path" delivered by the X-Warrior AI-Wireless Pool Robot have impressed many business partners and customers, making it an excellent choice for cleaning large or small residential in-ground pools, as well as large above-ground pools, due to wireless connectivity and long endurance.

Final Words

Robotic pool cleaner combines advanced technology and intelligent design to effectively clean pools of different sizes and shapes. The navigation system intelligently guides the pool robot to detect walls and obstacles and find its path so it knows where to move. Fairland’s X-Warrior AI-Wireless Pool Robot is one of the best cordless robotic pool cleaners on the market today. The real power of the X-Warrior AI cordless pool robot lies in its smart navigation with powerful cleaning features. With a 10-hour endurance and 3D-S path full coverage cleaning, the X-Warrior can fulfill your daily pool cleaning needs while you are away from home at the push of a button. Visit Fairland's booth in Hall 2, D72 at Piscina & Wellness Barcelona to discover the cordless 10 Hours Pool Robot. Team Fairland looks forward to seeing you from November 27-30, 2023.

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