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Fairland INVERX Brings Ultimate Convenience Experience with Built-in Wi-Fi Features


Over time, intelligence technology has dominated every area that we can imagine. From home appliances to pool equipment, almost everything is technology-driven. Big players in the swimming pool industry are making a big push into pool automation. Beyond connectivity, it also aims to improve the way we interact with our pools. Now you can make your swimming pool a little more enjoyable — and a lot more automated — by adding devices you can control from anywhere.

Built-in Wi-Fi Control Extends Smart Home to Smart Pool

Swimming pool automation is a natural extension of your smart home. Thanks to built-in Wi-Fi control, we are more connected with the pools than ever before. You can control, schedule, and manage everything from adjusting the pump speed to turning on/off the pool heater, all while on the go. Controls for all pool equipment will eventually connect to mobile apps and even smart speakers like Google Home and Amazon Alexa.

Fairland Smart Pool App Makes You Have Power at Your Fingertips

However, pool automation is not just for the tech-savvy. Even tech newbies can be enjoyable while leveraging new technology to make life more convenient. Fairland has always pursued the “Ultimate Customer Experience”, hoping to bring convenience to every pool user through technological innovation.

Built-in Wi-Fi and remote control are essential features of INVERX inverter pool heat pump, which are optional for Full-inverter pool heaters and dehumidifiers. All you need is to download a simple-to-use smartphone app Fairland Smart Pool. Whether you just want to keep your Inverter-plus Dehumidifier running on schedule or have your INVERX Jumbo pool heat pump to pre-heat the pool before you arrive home, the Fairland Smart Pool app will be ready to obey your every command. You can set the temperature and timer ahead of schedule, and switch the modes among Turbo/Smart/ Silence easily.

No More A Cold Swimming Pool Again When Arrives Home

Built-in Wi-Fi control provides innovative real-time management to suit your lifestyle. You can manage Fairland's inverter pool heat pumps with complete freedom from your smartphone anywhere. Now you can enjoy the warm swimming pool to total comfort when you get home!

A Warm-Up for Your Early Morning Swimming Exercises

Besides, Built-in Wi-Fi Control is also convenient for pre-heating your swimming pool before you get up at chilly dawns. It will make those early morning swimming exercises start a little bit easier.

Intelligent Central Control for Multiple Pool Equipment

As an intelligent multitasker, the Fairland Smart Pool app is not limited to only managing one heat pump. INVERX inverter swimming pool heat pump and Inverter-plus Dehumidifiers can be seamlessly monitored and controlled by switching the interfaces for different models. Now you have a simple yet effective centralized control at your fingertips.

Real-time Energy Consumption Clear at A Glance

The INVEREX series, which includes INVEREX Jumbo, INVEREX Vertical, and INVERX Horizontal-inverter heat pump for swimming pool, will feature an intelligent touch controller. The real-time energy consumption display makes energy use statistics clear at a glance. You can change the settings and manage all schedules whenever and wherever you need them.

Once installed Fairland Smart Pool app will give you complete control of your pool heaters and dehumidifiers wherever you are, all in the palm of your hand. It can help you to enjoy your pool equipment more effectively, let you spend more time swimming and less time maintaining or setting up. For more information about the built-in Wi-Fi features on INVERX pool heat pumps, please kindly send your inquiries to The Fairland Team will do the best for you!

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