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Fairland R32 Full-inverter for Cleaner Air, Together We Can Beat Air Pollution

Celebrated every year on June 5, World Environment Day is the United Nations’ biggest annual event for positive environmental action to encourage worldwide awareness of the need to protect our planet.
This year, taking #BeatAirPollution as the theme, it calls on governments, industry, communities and individuals to take action to explore renewable energy and green technologies, and improve the air quality in cities and regions across the world.

Fairland Commitment to Environmental Sustainability

China is a great global host of 2019’s World Environment Day celebrations. As a Heat Pump Specialist based in China, we are endeavor to upgrade our pool heat pumps according to the environmental impact of carbon emission. It is part of our commitment to environmental sustainability. We apt to lead in applying environmentally friendly practices in all aspects of business operations, including product development, manufacturing and sales, which to formulate initiatives that sustain and improve the environment.

Fairland R32 Full-inverter for Cleaner Air

Innovation Leads to A More Environmentally Healthy World

Meanwhile, we promote the development of new products and the innovation of technologies that will lead to a more environmentally healthy world. That’s the reason why we started the research and development of Full-inverter technology as early as 2010. We spent 7 years in developing and consummating Full-inverter technology to reduce electric consumption of pool heat pump to be half, to make its silence level to be as quiet as fridge. Now it has proved by facts: Fairland Inverter-plus HP is the most reliable and cost-efficient inverter heat pump. It’s already well recognized by the global market.

Fairland R32 Full-inverter for Cleaner Air

Small action means big change. We firmly believe that a solution can be found by unremitting efforts. In no time, you can experience Fairland innovation at its finest in our new lineup of R32 Full-inverter series and models. Join us to make the switch with Fairland R32 Full-inverter series. Together we can #BeatAirPollution. It’s time to go greener for cleaner air.
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