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Fairland: Technology Innovation Brings Best from Future

Technology innovation is significant to keep the vitality of an enterprise. As a pool heat pump specialist who focuses on providing the best pool heating solution in the past 20 years, Fairland has continually invested in Technology & Innovation.

Fairland Full-inverter Technology Successfully Led the Trend

Aiming to make end users have better user experience, we started the research and development of Full-inverter technology as early as 2010. We spent seven years in developing and consummating Full-inverter technology to reduce electric consumption of pool heat pump to be half, to make its silence level to be as quiet as fridge.

In 2018, Fairland successfully led the global inverter pool heat pump trend in pool industry. Fairland Inverter-plus HP powered by Full-inverter technology is the most reliable and cost-efficient inverter heat pump, which has been well recognized by the global market. It is our great honor to see Fairland can really contribute to the energy-saving and environment-protection together with our partners.

Fairland TurboSilence Tech TM Set New High Standard in Pool Industry

Yet for all that, we are still seeking for new breakthrough in technology. Over the years, we have kept innovating the HP technology for end users’ satisfactions and partners’ values in the pool industry. In 2019, we launched a new lineup of patented Inver-X series powered by new TurboSilence technology.

TurboSilence technology is optimized on the basis of Full-inverter technology, which can intelligently optimizes the heating method. With an upgrade of the whole control system and corresponding components, it can generate extra 20% heat for fast pool heating by simply one button click, run silently in the meanwhile.

Staying with the classic Fairland Hexagon design, Inver-X series is upgraded to one-piece integrated design. Thanks to the unique air flow technology, it leads to most silent ventilation. With TurboSilence Technology, the end users are able to enjoy rapid heating, lower electricity bill and more intelligent swimming life.

Keep on Technology Innovation for Best from Future

We have received a lot of positive feedbacks on Inver-X series both at Piscina & Wellenss Barcelona and Aquanale 2019. 99.9% of new and old customers all heaped praise upon the product performance. Since the shows ended, there is a steady stream of interested customers inquiring Inver-X series, which made us more convinced to the concept of technology innovation.

Looking forward to more future innovations from Fairland? Stay connected with us on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram today! For more information about Inver-X series and TurboSilence technology, please visit Fairland Inver-X Series with Patent, Power to Enjoy More.

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