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Fairland: the Innovative 2021 Brings a Swimming World of Opportunities


●  Participated in SPATEX Virtual 2021 and Piscine Connect 2021 as an online exhibitor for the first time, actively promoting TurboSilence® Inverter technology and the unique concept of 4 Season Swimming
●  INVERX Jumbo made industry spotlight on debut and received new product coverage from French media Guide-Piscine
●  X-Star, the first co-branded online campaign with partner SCP France, was well received
The year 2021 was extraordinary, as a year of daring to innovate for Fairland. We stepped out of our comfort zone and embraced the change as an opportunity. In return, we achieved good results that exceeded expectations. Now, let's look back at the pivotal events of 2021 at Fairland.

Fresh Experience of Online Exhibitor at SPATEX Virtual 2021 & Piscine Connect 2021

Under particular circumstances, this year was the first time for Fairland to participate in SPATEX and Piscine Global Europe as an online exhibitor. Meeting customers online is a fresh and amusing experience for Fairland. We had close interactions with global market players via the fantastic platforms of SPATEX Virtual 2021 and Piscine Connect 2021. Thanks to various online tools and webinars provided by the exhibition platforms, we fully demonstrated the high-end pool heat pumps with TurboSilence® Inverter technology - the INVERX series, and the global first Full-inverter pool dehumidifier.
The Fairland Team for PISCINE CONNECT 2021
Many customers were interested in Fairland's ground-breaking TurboSilence® Inverter technology, particularly the unique concept of 4 Season Swimming pioneered by Fairland when they read on EuroSpaPoolNews. Therefore, we took this opportunity to introduce our core technology and new ideas to more people. And we received very positive feedback, giving customers more confidence in Fairland's products.
The coverage of Fairland's 4 Season Swimming Concept on EuroSpaPoolNews

Innovative INVERX Jumbo Born for 4 Season Swimming

Fairland brings innovations to surprise customers every year, and this year is no exception. INVERX Jumbo pool heat pump debuted at Piscine Connect 2021, is one smart innovation of TurboSilence® Inverter technology and EVI technology. With a wide operating air temperature range (-25°C to 43°C) and an efficient SCOP (greater than 9), INVERX Jumbo was on the radar by the swimming pool industry soon.

As the latest member of Fairland INVERX series, INVERX Jumbo is born for 4 Season Swimming. It impressed partners and end-users with the ultimate experience of 120% efficient heating, 3 times energy saving, and 15 times quieter operating. Special thanks to the French media Guide-Piscine, their coverage of our new product INVERX Jumbo has made more people know better about the superior performance of INVERX Jumbo.
The coverage of Fairland's new product INVERX Jumbo on French media Guide-Piscine

Creative Co-branded Campaign with SCP France

In addition, we also tried to seek breakthroughs in the cooperation model. Taking the opportunity of Piscine Connect 2021, the X-Star campaign co-branded with partner SCP France ended successfully. Many thanks to all active participants of the X-Star campaign! In the end, we gave away two INVERX inverter pool heat pumps for free to the homes of the two winners.

The X-Star campaign co-branded with partner SCP France
It is the first time we have tried to co-host an online event with a partner. The success of this campaign is inseparable from the strong support of SCP France. We hope to deliver advanced INVERX heat pumps and enjoyable 4 Season Swimming fun to more and more families in France and beyond. In 2022, we will continue to launch more interactive campaigns in more regions and countries.
2022 will not be an easy year for everyone, but we can turn crisis into opportunity. Seizing the opportunity, we will be abidingly focusing on using technology to create outdoor life. Through continuous innovation, to bring a happier courtyard life to our partners and users around the world.

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