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From Indoor to Outdoor: AI Innovation Empowers iGarden Life


Swimming pools have become an indispensable part of daily social life. The desire of people and their neighbors for outdoor and poolside recreation has intensified, leading to a rise in the popularity of this small-scale social life created by swimming pools. Building a more inviting and relaxing outdoor atmosphere — especially a 4-season space for year-round use — becomes a top priority for many homeowners.

Growing Demand for Greentech Outdoors

As more and more households in Europe and North America have swimming pools, homeowners increasingly need a diverse portfolio of advanced technologies to equip these outdoor spaces. Extending from the indoors to the outdoors, intelligent technology is awakening people to the possibilities of green living in the outdoors. Since artificial intelligence continues to advance, increasing numbers of green intelligence pool equipment can now better comprehend commands and give more accurate responses, making our outdoor activities much more relaxed.

Optimal Solution to Counter the Energy Crisis

However, some regions in Europe and the United States are being compelled to outlaw access to gas-powered equipment in backyards and swimming pools because the energy supply in Europe tightens and global electricity prices rise continuously. Public swimming pools in some European countries are forced to close or delay their opening and may even have to lower the water temperature by 1 to 2 degrees to save energy costs.

Are there optimized solutions to reduce pool power consumption without compromising access and comfort for pool users? Sure there is, and the optimal solution is to make swimming pools ecologically-friendly. Digitalization, energy efficiency and sustainability are critical topics in the pool industry today. Technological advances in wireless connectivity and artificial intelligence are enhancing the impact of the Internet of Things on our homes. The automation products epitomized by pool robotics are growing dramatically.

Smart Tech to Reshape Outdoor Living Experience

With the transition to automation and digitalization, the swimming pool industry is increasingly adopting innovations that consume less power. Numerous pool heat pump brands strive to develop smartening solutions to provide the best outdoor swimming experience while maintaining optimal energy efficiency. One of the most prominent advances is the inverter technology applied for swimming pool heating introduced by Fairland in 2014. And in 2019, Fairland unveiled its revolutionary TurboSilence® inverter technology based on Full-Inverter technology that enables higher levels of heat pump performance (COP16 and 15 times quieter). Since then, Fairland has reshaped the outdoor swimming experience by extending summer swimming to 4-season swimming.

Inverter technology efficiently solves the problems of high energy consumption and loud noise of traditional on/off heat pumps while enhancing the pleasure of the outdoor experience. The annual shipment of Fairland inverter pool heat pumps has reached 250,000 units to 120 countries overseas in just a few years, achieving 20 billion kWh energy-saving per year for global sustainability. Fairland’s intelligent inverter swimming pool heat pump provides an energy-saving and pleasant swimming experience in all seasons and is highly praised by business partners worldwide.

New Era of Innovation with 20x Saving iGarden

Constant innovation is firmly rooted in Fairland’s concept. With inverter technology at its core, Fairland aims to share sustainable and intelligent iGarden living with global users through continuous innovation in energy-saving performance. The latest generation of inverter heat pumps for swimming pools launched by Fairland delivers an ultra-high energy efficiency of COP20, achieving 20 times energy saving and 20 times quieter in one go.

In the next phase, benefiting from the independent R&D capability and experience accumulated by inverter technology, Fairland is taking 20x Saving iGarden into the intelligent outdoor field. From energy storage to energy efficiency, the intention is to provide homeowners with the ultimate smart outdoor experience. Fairland will develop a diversity of intelligent solutions powered by clean energy for outdoor life, including inverter swimming pools, outdoor robotics services, and iGarden housekeepers by the AIoT platform, integrating artificial intelligence into their daily lives to automate mundane tasks. With iGarden products and solutions, Fairland leads you to the future of iGarden living, where you may enjoy an outdoor living experience with intelligence.

Welcome to discover all the revolutionary innovations from Fairland at booth 5E68 of PISCINE GLOBAL EUROPE 2022 from 15 to 18 November. Or follow Fairland on LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram to stay on top of the latest.

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