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How to Defrost Swimming Pool Heat Pumps


Winter has arrived, it's time to learn about how to defront swimming pool heating pumps. Firstly we as one of leading swimming pool heat pump manufacturers will share the reasons of frosting on swimming pool heat pumps.

When the temperature of evaporator fins is lower than the dew point temperature of the ambient air, the condensation water will be generated on the surface of the evaporator fins. And when the ambient air temperature is lower than 0 °C, the condensation water will condense into thin frosts.

As an innovative swimming pool heat pump brand, Fairland pool heat pumps have the automatic defrosting function to ensure the normal operation of the unit. However, when the frosting is severe, it will affect the heating function of the machine. As the frost layer becomes thick, the resistance to air circulation increases, which is bound to hinder the circulation of air.

Since the evaporator absorbs heat through the air, so if the air flow is reduced, the heat absorption is also reduced. At this time, the performance of swimming pool heat pumps begins to decrease.

Generally, the defrosting is realized by the reversal of the four-way valve. When defrosting is required, the four-way valve switches the flow of the refrigerant, and the high-temperature and high-pressure refrigerant discharged from the compressor flows into the evaporator to release heat to realize the frost melting.

Fairland inverter compressor heat pump normally defrost automatically when the refrigerant temperature is under-17℃.It can guarantee the normal operation. By this, Fairland pool heat pumps allow you to enjoy swimming freely.

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