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iGarden Lifestyle: A Phenomenal 2024 Swimming Season


What happened to the shift of residential lifestyle 40 years since the inception of the 'smart building' concept? The persistent topics in technology innovations revolve around appliances, particularly robotics, that seamlessly interact with individual preferences and the automation of energy optimization.

The last few centuries and decades witnessed the rise of IoT to automatically control things like heating, power, ventilation, air conditioning, security, lighting and other systems, mostly indoors. However, as people enjoy nature relief outdoors and treat their backyard pools as the 21st-century social fireplace, outdoor intelligent life in their private courtyards makes a splash now.

Today, the revolutions happening in people’s courtyards mirror the advancements within homes, both committed to pushing the boundaries toward a carbon-neutral world through intelligence and electrification.

iGarden, marked by a series of snowball effects on the upgrades of the industry and lifestyles, is considered to unlock remarkable growth in the next swimming seasons and usher in new movements in the pool industry, propelled by collaborative efforts with all industry players.

The bonus of the era of an intelligently electrified economy

It’s no secret that our preferences are completely changed in the post-pandemic life. With people spending more time at home, demand for goods jumped with a rush for entertainment and health-care equipment. People now show a greater interest in durable goods, shifting away from activities outside the home such as hospitality and recreation. As the Economist evaluated, there is a $600bn-a-year shift in such redirection of consumer behaviors.

It is said that the market looks favorably upon firms that serve stay-at-homers today. People’s renovation of their outdoor space urges the must-be trend of outdoor electrification, where the pool and garden industry will continually benefit from that noticeable change.

As the condition endures in the following decades, how can the iGarden lifestyle dominate that trend?

1) Saving the courtyard energy intelligently

The first reason is the compelling choice triggered by the net zero goal for the long run. The iGarden solution is constructed based on the unified inverter algorithm and robotics function. In other words, it is prioritizing not only maximum energy efficiency for each system device but also enabling AI-optimized energy savings through data analysis via AIoT connectivity.

iGarden positively turns green life into a fashion, reframing it as a proactive choice rather than sacrificing certain comforts. It encourages people to embrace a low-carbon without curtailing their time spent on outdoor leisure activities to reduce power consumption.

2) Remove the barriers between users and nature joy

The second relates to the unprecedented interactive experience outdoors. For more than a century, the backyard space has been marginalized by modern electrification, staying labor-intensive, gasoline-powered and plagued by industrial noise. The iGarden lifestyle removes the barriers from 2 aspects – user-friendly interactions and eco-friendly operations.

The 4-season swimming experience is fully electrified with the advancing system consisting of inverter heat pumps, inverter pool pumps, auto-valve filters, chemical-less disinfectors and auto-pilot pool robots. All of them can work collaboratively without manual intervention. The Full-inverter technology and intelligent central control tame outdoor machines and toolkits, rendering them silent and 0-emission by your poolside or in the device room. In the future, they are more likely to offer art feelings to your garden landscape, or even serve as AI warriors ensuring wellness and fun.

3) Open the chance for outdoor robotics

The third reason is tied to the potential values indicated by the popularization of household robotic applications. iGarden introduces a transformative shift in the interaction between people and courtyard tools. It reshapes the depth and width of courtyard automation by incorporating robotics features into both conventional and innovative machines.

Besides the current pool cleaning robots, the new-type tools and machines are designed and manufactured to be self-regulated, self-pilot, or even self-charged. These new-generation devices are equipped to handle specific or multiple tasks based on varied outdoor scenarios, demonstrating decision-making abilities and individualization. Looking ahead to the future iGarden, a burgeoning category of robotics is expected to emerge, addressing tasks such as pool cleaning, lawn-mowing, snow-clearing, leaves-blowing, and gardening, —all seamlessly controlled by an integrated system.

4) Enabling green-powered outdoor life

The final push of iGarden industry is the inevitable transition to renewable energy use reshaping personal routines and impacting every sector of the global economy. In the US, the residential solar market has installed over 5 GW so far in 2023 and is on pace for its 7th consecutive record year, driven by high household electricity bills and power outages. The scale of ambition is unprecedented for Europe with the REPowerEU plan, suggesting a triple growth in its capacity in the eight years under the EU Solar Strategy. Residential installations hit almost 15 GW across major EU markets.

The solar storage system plays an important role in decarbonizing the electrified outdoor life in the iGarden. When connected devices operate at maximum efficiency under the iGarden green management system, the daily energy consumption can be much more cost-effective. As the higher conversion efficiency of the solar energy system goes, the prospect of off-grid and entirely green backyard enjoyment becomes a reality sooner rather than later.

New Journey Began with Championship Performance

In essence, iGarden represents a pioneering lifestyle that reaches its fulfilment when technological innovations and product boundaries are pushed to new heights—echoing Fairland's brand faith: BEYOND LIMIT.

Fairland Group, a key player in outdoor robotics and pool devices, is embarking on an exciting new venture as an iGarden booster.  Its cutting-edge innovations, poised to revolutionize the 2024 swimming season, promise to elevate the allure of the iGarden industry. Boasting groundbreaking Full-Inverter technology, Fairland and its new partner, Aquagem, secured dual world records, including the 40-hour endurance for wireless pool robotic cleaners and 40x silence for pool pumps. Notably, these feats underscore Fairland's commitment to its All-Partner philosophy, with the collaboration earning GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ titles.

It seems nothing to stop people from embracing the iGarden lifestyle, which brings a new spiritual and physical utopia just a touch away.

For further information on the iGarden green management system and solutions, including pool heat pumps, robotic pool cleaners and solar energy storage systems, please don’t hesitate to contact

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