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Inverter Pool Heat Pump – Top Lifestyle to Go Green and Hyper Energy-Saving


It is an era that urges us to reconsider how tech products and solutions are engaging individuals' actions in the movements of reducing emissions through lifestyle revolutions.
“Lifestyle changes are a prerequisite for sustaining reductions in GHG emissions and for bridging the emissions gap.” According to the Emissions Gap Report by the UN Environmental Programme, around two-thirds of global emissions are linked to private household activities.
If we were to say the rapid surge of cutting edgy green technologies innovation, centred around new energy storage, industry 4.0 and AI-optimized carbon reduction, aims at the supply-side transition towards sustainable economies and greener future, then the leading trend of hyper energy-efficient products, including smart home and garden solutions, represents a demand-side revolution targeting private livings.
With energy consumption for heating, cooling and running electrified devices tremendously reduced, the scaling up of energy-saving applications in private houses is shaping green intelligent lifestyles, offering unprecedented convenience while proactively reducing carbon footprints.
As the counterpart application in the pool industry, X20 – the industry’s first COP 20 pool heat pump officially enters mass production now, since the TurboSilence 20 inverter tech release one year ago.
Pioneering energy-saving Full-inverter tech innovation, the product offers an exclusive experience of hyper-efficiency, ensuring remarkably low-carbon pools that autonomously reduce electricity consumption throughout all 4 seasons.

| Wholeheartedly Embracing Higher COP: Inverter Tech Paves the Way

Transitioning to a carbon-neutral lifestyle is a must. How to begin?

The answer is simple yet powerful: wholeheartedly adopting super-efficient products. They effortlessly make energy-saving a part of our daily routine, paving the way for a future where 100% green energy is not just a goal but a reality on our journey to Net Zero.

X20 pool heat pumps intend to be a key player in this sustainable shift for the pool and outdoor living industry.

  • Mark the Best Energy Efficiency of the Present

Powered by TurboSilence 20 tech, it’s a green energy champion leaving the high-power-consumption pool heating times behind. Two major breakthroughs set it apart – algorithm-level refreshment and enhanced structural efficiency in its heat exchange system.

With a super-precise core inverter control system and an innovative 3D titanium exchanger, X20 achieves extreme efficiency, symbolized by the groundbreaking COP20 – up to 20 units of heat for every unit of power consumed.

  • Green Actions Made Easy like a Breeze

Additionally, the X20 promises an enjoyable consumer-grade experience in maintaining a 4-season spa pool. The energy-saving heating process is autonomously regulated by the inverter system, requiring no human intervention beyond the initial installation.

As the enhancement of central control and AIOT cloud platforms for courtyard scenarios, the inverter heat pumps will bring even more energy-saving and intelligent features to outdoor spa pools, making outdoor living a truly smart and efficient experience.

In the upgraded Fairland iGarden experience, users can effortlessly heat their family pool with 100% renewable power and consistently use the lowest electricity in real time. This is made possible by the hyper energy-saving pool heat pump, in connection with the InverX solar energy storage and Green Management System.

| The Next Frontier of Future Home: All Green iGarden

For years, the smart building industry has been envisioning the "future lifestyle," with a focus on "energy saving" through smart technologies like the IoT (Internet of Things) and AI. Now, iGarden is redefining the future by emphasizing "green and energy-saving" in outdoor living.

At the last P&W Barcelona, iGarden's innovations have already secured two world records creating a stir in the industry.

What's the next frontier? Could it be the next hyper-energy-saving pool heat pump?

As the most energy-intensive component of an iGarden system, pool heat pumps continually demand breakthroughs in technology for optimal efficiency.

The challenges are persistent: forging an innovative and sustainable outdoor life right from the very start of technology and product design. The hyper energy-saving pool heat pump of iGarden is steering sustainable businesses and fostering a greener transformation across the whole industry uniting all partners and players committed to the future of outdoor living.

Reflecting on the progression from the original Full-inverter system to the TurboSilence 20 upgrades in the pool industry, the real value of these energy-saving innovations lies in empowering end-users to actively drive lifestyle changes as consumers, citizens, asset owners, and community members.

Who would have thought that the net-zero revolution in households could start with private courtyard pools?

But hey, right now, the hyper-energy-efficient inverter pool pumps show us exactly what a net-zero-future-ready product looks like.

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