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Fairland Inverter X Pool Heat Pump for Extreme Performance

X is a special and attractive letter. X has the meaning of "extreme" and "peak". Many electronic products also use X as the code name. Fairland is a swimming pool heat pump manufacturer and service provider pursuing the extreme technology. In exploring the energy efficiency and experience of swimming pool heat pumps, Fairland has In trial. Fairland inverter X pool heat pump is a more extreme efficient product developed on the basis of Full-inverter technology.
Inverter X pool heat pump uses TurboSilence tech. It is further developed on the basis of Full-inverter. In addition to inheriting good performance, the Inverter X pool heat pump can make the heating performance soar by 20%, while the noise is more silent. The car uses turbo to get more horsepower, and the Inverter X pool heat pump uses turbo to heat the pool faster but quieter. They are all in order to create better products and bring users a better experience.
The increase in heating capacity and the reduction in operating noise are also a contradiction. The contradictory opposition does not stop Fairland from exploring the industry and technology. With the efforts of the Fairland technical team, this contradiction is no longer a problem in 2019. They co-exist on the Inverter X pool heat pump. Under the specified conditions, the maximum heating capacity of inverter pool heat pump is increased by 20%, and the mute effect is reduced by 10 times. Everything is to bring a better swimming pool experience to terminal pool users worldwide. Let us look forward to the excellent performance of X with Fairland pool heat pump wholesale company.

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